Square-Enix VS. BioWare: Who's the RPG King? writes: "Square-Enix is one of the most successful RPG developers in the entire world, but then, so is BioWare Studios. Square represents the pinnacle of defining fantasy JRPG design, even before it merged with Enix. BioWare has always stood for the up-most in quality English RPGs, culled from Dungeons & Dragons, Sci-Fi and ancient history sources. Square was once a part of EA; BioWare is currently a company under EA. With so many similarities, it's no coincidence that both have tasted immense financial and critical success in the gaming industry. So, which of these two titans is the RPG king?"

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TheColbertinator3577d ago



However the two companies make games for a different genre.Although I would like to see bioware make a JRPG

Chris3993577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

- Rogue Galaxy
- Jeanne D'Arc
- Professor Layton (not an "RPG", but a clever game nonetheless that shows diversity in their portfolio)

Their games rarely have any technical hindrances (ala SquareE), appeal to a broad demographic and are generally fun to play.

If I had to choose between the original two listed in the article, I'd go with Bioware by a landslide.

I've enjoyed most of their games and they have a strong sense of story-telling. My only gripe with them is that all of their games feel like they needed just a bit more time in development (odd glitches, graphics usually lack polish).

SquareEnix hasn't made (read made, not published), a decent game that isn't a remake/ spin-off since they were merged.

Level 5 should be the next big JRPG house.

vhero3577d ago

neither of them 2 for king really what a stupid article how does these ever get published?? if the title was which is the best out of the 2 then fair enough.. I would say Bioware not because they make better games but they can make a game with 90% of the quality in 10% of the time. I will sacrifice 10% quality and save years of waiting THANKYOU!

socomnick3577d ago

lol level 5 gtfo with that idiotic crap lol. Level 5 couldn't develop their way out of a tissue .

Bnet3433577d ago

Bioware ... KOTOR + Mass Effect nuff said'

Beast_Master3577d ago

This is a stupid comparison, considering how they came to the conclusion. I mean BioWare is a studio EA is a publisher, Square is both so you cannot compare them. They are both great developers, Westerners will vote probably for Bioware by a little more than 50% and easterners will say square by a ton. Worldwide this isn't even close but here in the US and Can. Bioware would probably squeek out a win.

Article is EPIC FAIL!!

Rock Bottom3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Seriously, I'm a huge SE fan, and I've never played a Bioware game since two years, but even I can say there's no competition here, SE haven't released an awesome console game since FFXII, Bioware wins hand down.

Any way, where's Bethesda Game and Level 5? both of them are much better than Bioware.

TapiocaMilkTea3577d ago

In Asian countries, people who doesn't even play video games is influenced by Final Fantasy pop culture: theme songs, scores, movies, and even drinks! I know people who has no interest in video games become obsessed with Final Fantasy music scores. SE rpg is a lot more influential so I say they are the RPG KING!

IrishAssa3577d ago

Squaresoft would be kings/gods if they still existed

Alcon3577d ago

Bioware.I loved the baldur's gate series so much (it's still on my number 1 top ten RPG's). And I do tend to like more western fantasy (medieval high fantasy) more than japanese fantasy. Their fantasy borders to often to much on Sci-Fi wich I don't really like (and the fact that many manly charachters look like emo-girls. /joke :) ).

duplissi3577d ago

i think bethesda should be considered too.

i would say its a tie between the 2, ive had more fun with their titles, than i have with squares.

NMC20073577d ago

More like Biosquare, amirite!?
Actually, SquareEnix by 10 million miles.

AAACE53577d ago

Or you could just say there is no king! Bioware makes great games, but not as many games as SE release. SE releases alot of games, but not all of them have great quality. And I believe all other RPG developers are on the same level as these companies.

GWAVE3577d ago

If by "Bioware" were are also including Bioware's predecessors Interplay (Fallout 1 and 2) and Black Isle (Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 on PC, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights), then I would DEFINITELY say Bioware. I mean, KotOR, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect are excellent games, but Planescape: Torment is mind-blowing.

pain777pas3577d ago

Rogue Galaxy which I'm playing right now is very fun and chatty so the characters are more fleshed out like a Square RPG. It's not turn based but pretty much and action rpg with a party. Now level 5 are just a great protagonist and antagonist away from RPG domination I think in quality I am smiling while I play RG and its a PS2 game. Bioware are the Kings of convos. They have to tighten up their combat to level 5 levels of fun and Yes they are the Closest to the throne for me right now. NOT ONE BAD GAME from Bioware. NOT even one. Square has alot of duds this gen, but the FF13 is now on my radar after that last trailer. WOW. Its a toss up Bioware is on the throne, Level 5 can get their, and Square may regain it with FF13 and Versus. For now due to overall quality Bioware is the current King every gen outstanding games from that dev.


I'm about to agree with Kigmal, KOTOR weights in a lot, even if I didn't like Mass Effect the much he looks to have liked. I didn't liked Jade Empire that much the media fuss back in 2005. Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights are irrelevant for me, nor great, nor crap.

In the other hand I usually like more JRPGs than WRPGs. Not to say Squenix looks to have a more diversified portfolio in the RPG area. Not fair, I know, they are a publisher, but still, they have more games I really like with Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono, FF, and many other classics from the past from both Square and Enix. There is also portable support to consider here. FF, even if a cultural factor, has lost some weight for me as a gamer after so much waiting. But none of them is the 800 pounds gorilla that is KOTOR for me.

This could be a really good discussion, greater game over diversity? For me definetely, on the RPG ground, it would be between those two, but I don't know why should we lock out other developers/publishers.

Level 5 has indeed a short but great track story (I have to try WKC through Chriss399, so I wouldn't place my bets just now, maybe you imported it, I don't).

Bethesda should definetely be considered. Blizzard too, Diablo is a great action RPG, and maybe some would want to defend MMORPG in this.

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PS360WII3577d ago

uh-oh here comes a bunch of jrpg vs wrpg... oh and those still mad about FFXIII multiplat nature :(

Both are great! Done deal.

meepmoopmeep3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

yeah, SE is the pretty metro-sexual drag queen
and Bioware is the hairy-ape-men grunt king.

everyone is happy


what happens if they eloped o_O
RPG bliss for everyone!

Why dis3577d ago


I'm sure in other markets its SE.