Why Killzone 2 will have the clans going crazy

Killzone 2 lets you create your own clan ,and manage your own clan, view clan ranking and event information through the Universe option, manage your clan schedule and check your clan's overall ranking, all from inside the game WoW!

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Blackmoses3520d ago

Templar recruiting!

PSN: blackmoses11

RedGr3mlin3520d ago

Join NOW!

Look at my Profile 4 info!
We are going to play in CG and have alott of pro/veteran players.
We have everything you need to get elite.

ZmokeR out ( admin on RG )

ultimolu3520d ago

PSN: cookiehour

...If I can fit you on there that is. o_o

Cwalat3520d ago

Soldiers of Helghan


Just wanted to let you know,

64 member clan..... got the best names of gaming community.

we will be pwning everyones ASS !! :D

let the name echoe in eternity !


ThanatosDMC3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

I dont team up with people i'll kill... hehheehe

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coolcole933520d ago

Someone needs to teach this guy how to write...

Gray23520d ago

Lol, I have been noticing that about a lot of articles as of late

interrergator3520d ago

lookin for friends psn interrergator

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The story is too old to be commented.