Gamersyde - Killzone 2 Review Version Videos

Gamersyde: "TTP, our Sony specialist, send us these three videos from the almost final review build of Killzone 2. That's the perfect way for you guys to confirm once and for all that yes the game is amazing visually, but is also quite amazing in terms of audio too."

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Helghast Slayer3582d ago

You have been KILLZONED!!! NEXT

PSN ID: Kush_Reapper

INehalemEXI3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Gorgeous. /spank

Blaze9293582d ago

I dont get it, is the game hard to play with wonky controls or why in every video the player acts like they cant aim? I thought it was just gametrailers. Then im watching Review build video #2's player and he/she cant aim either.

GameGambits3581d ago

Minor spoiler in video 3 by the way. Saying so and so is getting away.

Should put spoiler tags on stuff for those who are trying to avoid them. ;)

Great vids tho, props to Gamersyde.

Khaqan3582d ago

Just under 681 hours left!

Killzonegamer833582d ago

Whats the review score? can anyone tell me please, i cant see it for some reason

Fishy Fingers3582d ago

It's not a review. It >videos< from the review build.

Samer3053582d ago

These videos are amazing. Jaw dropping. Day1 purchase!

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The story is too old to be commented.