Sony vs. Nintendo: same bad economy, very different results

Sony and Nintendo released their financial reports on the holiday quarter this week, and both are being pummeled by the strength of the Japanese Yen. But Nintendo's focus on gaming and the strength of its console have left it in far better shape than its bigger rival.

Recently, Sony gave a preview of its third quarter earnings that set the stage for a grim set of final figures. Those figures were released Thursday, on the same day that Nintendo unveiled the results of its sales during the third quarter. Although both companies are facing the same problems when it comes to general economic conditions, Nintendo seems set to stay in the black regardless, and it's worth taking a look at why.

The most fundamental problem that both companies face is that much of their income comes from overseas sales, and the Yen has strengthened considerably against many currencies as people flock to its relative stability. That means that all of the overseas revenue is diluted in value when its converted to Yen on its return to the company.

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eelnats20003582d ago

Although nintendo is making BIG bucks, the "nintendo seal of quality" just lost its credibility..
In terms of quality games, Sony does have the advantage. Nintendo's system has more shovelware than sony and microsoft combined..
And we're talking about totally different markets here, so obviously, the casual market would be best for nintendo.

Sony didnt really want a system that sells, it wants a system with quality hardware, and quality software.

nikola9873582d ago

yes you are right :) sony wanted to go bankrupt from very beginning :p
and yes i don't know english and i don't really care :D

cmrbe3582d ago

but Sony put quality and innovation as its core principals which translates to sales success.

It will pay off for Sony long term. People should also consider that the PS3 won Sony the format wars which is getting Sony alot of money from roylaties.

Nin's bussinness in Japan is huge so these won't be affect by the strength of the Yen

crck3581d ago

Its more like interactive software for non-gamers. Things like interactive cookbooks, self help, fitness and "How to" programs.

cmrbe3581d ago

thats why i say the wii is a lifestyle gaming device.

Voiceofreason3581d ago

This must be the first gen of gaming for you kids. PS=Quality? Hell no.. PS1 was littered with crap games. PS2 had a high failure rate and had tons of crap games. Last gen the Gamecube had all the quality software with little to no crap games. Notice what place the GC finished in? The same place Sony is in now with the exact same type of console.
Also, you know nothing of the Nintendo seal of quality. IN the old days all it took was for the game to be working with few bugs. Oh and dont blame Nintendo because PS1 and PS2 owners bought millions of shovelware games keeping those companies around to make crap on the Wii. If it was ok for Sony do to it for 2 gens, there is no issue with Nintendo doing it today.

Just another example of Sony fans running off about things they know nothing about. It's truly pathetic when all someone has to do to see how full of BS you are is just look at a console that is already out on the market and 8 years old.. You guys arent even waiting for the PS2 to die off before claiming everything that made it number 1 is some how completely wrong now that the company name that is number one has changed.

eelnats20003581d ago

although you might have a point, it is irrelevant.
We are talking about this generation.
Not the ps1, not the ps2. We're talking about the WII and the PS3.

So you talking about the hardware failures and shovelware of ps1 and ps2 is completely out of topic.

The truth is this. I've said it before.
Ps3 is a system with many quality games, and its a totally different market along with the wii.
Another truth is that nintendo wii is a system which unfortunately produces more crap than my toilet recieves. It sells millions of units, but the majority of the games are just pure crap.

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Madgunner3582d ago

at the pic Mario VS Sackboy, Try fighting snake on for size u stupid plumber

Gr813581d ago

Mario would whoop Snake's Candy Ass too! lol. But in all honesty stop making up all these categories and goal posts; "software for non gamers who like interaction" wtf does that mean? Keep it simple man, Nintendo's only endeavor is the gaming industry, so their business model reflects that. It is this business model that has propelled them to the top of the industry, just accept it.