Homophobia Rampant in Online Games

The Gaymer Survey sought to find out about the gay gamer community. In the end, about 30% of participants in the survey are heterosexuals. It offers some depressing reading about the juvenile, or outright offensive nature of the language surrounding online play.

88% of respondents said they had heard the phrase "that's so gay" while 84% said they had heard 'gay' used in a derogatory fashion. Over 50% said they felt that games portray gay people in a stereotypical way, while 42% believe gays are under-represented in games. 15% said the industry creates a culture where gay employees "feel like they must stay in the closet". 52% believed that the gaming community is hostile to gay and lesbian gamers. Only 9% said they "never" encounter anti-gay sentiments from online gamers.

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CompGeek4311d ago

Who freakin cares? If you choose to be gay, then deal with it and quit crying. What about Christians who get made fun of, should we start whining?

ElementX4311d ago

You don't choose to be gay. Only Christians believe it's a choice. Anyway, I'm a "gay"mer and I think my sexuality is only a small part of who I am.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4311d ago

like a true [email protected] person. " You don't choose to be gay " BS. Are you saying you were born [email protected], RIGHTTTTTTTTT... ]:~(>

ElementX4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

If I can "choose" to be straight, lets see you "choose" to be attracted to men, even for a week or two. You could always pray to "God" to find your way back, if you're so sure it's possible. People who "convert" to a heterosexual lifestyle are usually just brainwashed. Why would you want to love something which you know in your heart you never wanted in the first place? That's not true affection.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4310d ago

his own, pal! Maybe you just haven't met the right girl/woman yet.

techie4309d ago

Ignorant people. Just like you choose to be straight I suppose... Yes you choose to get an erection when you see a hot girl...yes you choose to fall in love with a woman. If you think your own sexuality is a choice then you are clearly mistaken and don't know yourself or humans...who are animals. Call homosexuality a defect in the brain if you like...I would like to call it a difference that has been shown in scientific research.

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Syko4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

If you eliminate the words "[email protected]"''Homo'' and "N!gger" the vocabulary of most online is reduced to rubble. It would turn into a "Your a Fuk'n noob, Shut up" festival. Ahh I love online gaming... =P

Boon Tarkas4311d ago

For the same reason that I think that my hetrosexual acquaintance is a dork for going off non-stop on his sexual conquests. Sexuality should be a part of who you are, not the sum. When it dominates it leaves you shallow.

Furthermore, no one like to be force-fed, no one likes to be dictated too. We also get tired of hearing how difficult someone's plight is -no matter how justified. It's just human nature.

Does this make me a hater? I hope not.

PS. For those 'gay-mers' looking for a game that might be up your alley, I 'd suggest Enchanted Arms.

Syko4311d ago

Boon Tarkas: Said

PS. For those 'gay-mers' looking for a game that might be up your alley, I 'd suggest Enchanted Arms.

Damnnnn dude that was a multi-plex slam on many different things. Nicley played. Had me laughing my ass off.

BIadestarX4311d ago

It is a sensitive topic. And one gets different reactions depending on who you ask and how the person was raise. I think it goes down to respecting others and letting them deside how they want to live their life. I don't aprove homosexuality but do I have to? I'm not the one to deside what life style or tendencies people have. Ofcourse as long as people respect me as much as I respect others. A while back some gay guy was trying to hit on me (where I am from you don't do that and the way I was raise and believe that's not natural) I respecfully ask the person to leave me alone and explained that I am not gay. The guy told me, "how do you know you are not gay if you never tried a man" well... I beat the $h!t out of him. Not because he was gay, but because he was gay against "me". Want to be gay, be gay with your gay fellows. One person wants to fk chickens, cows, mosquitos, other man, old laddy, put cigarets in your @$$, hump a dog, drink piss or any non-natural(based on my believes) thing you can do so freely as long as it does not affect me or someone I care (i.e. you fk my dog I kill you).
"You don't choose to be gay" everything is a choice. I'm not judging you and you can do wherever you want and you have the right to; no one can take that from you. but the world "choose" indicates you have a choice. i.e. If I kill someone it was a choice, if I like to sleep with animals(dogs, cows, chickens, etc) it is a choice, if I choose to get married (even between a man an woman) it is a choice. There is a big difference between wanting or feeling like you want to and doing it. "You don't choose to be [insert action]" can be applied to almost anything and the funny part about it; is that in their own eyes they don't think they had a choice or think is wrong:
"You don't choose to be a killer"
"You don't choose to be a rapist"
"You don't choose to be a bestialist"
"You don't choose to be a petifile"
can't all these be also linked to chemial inbalances or be seens as normal depending on what people believe.

bottom line, I think people need to respect people and let them do what they want as long as people's rights aren't violated or laws are broken. Gay people also have to understand that others DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THEM those everyone has to respect their right to choose.

Peter Moore says4311d ago

I thk it's a good choice not to spread gay pride, it teaches a wrong lesson to youngsters wouldn't you say, after all it's not normall so why should it be promoted hahahahahahahahha.

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