Barack Obama Not Onboard Air Force One In 'Hawx'


"Tom Clancy games are typically politically charged, so it's little surprise a mission in March's air combat game "HAWX" has players escorting the President aboard Air Force One, but after failing to defend him multiple times, I asked Ubisoft which President I was trying to save.

One of the missions in Ubisoft's air combat game "HAWX" involves executing defensive maneuvers around Air Force One as its en route to a safe location. The President in the "HAWX" universe is on board Air Force One at the time."

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GIJeff3577d ago

of course hes not on air force 1! evil people ride dragons, its common knowledge.

Lord Xire3577d ago

If it's Bush I wonder if theres an achievement for relentlessly letting him die.

outlawlife3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

did anybody read the article?

the president in the game is just identified as "the president" to avoid any controversy and things of the like

the president in the game is a phantom, which is what i've come to expect from games...especially clancy games

they are always in "the near future" so anything goes and they apply to any time period