Killzone 2 Review - Gamereactor Finland (9/10)

The Finnish version of Gamereactor reviews Killzone 2.

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JAKESPLACE_3606d ago

Would have loved it higher though becos this game smells of awesomeness lol. ok score though and good intelligent comments. EDGE still waiting for ur 8/10

Anyways you guys did well, your servers will live lol



San Frandisco3606d ago

higher thewn a 9 would be fantastic and well deserved (allthough its a 10/10 in my book or reviews).
at least though its nothing lower.

GameGambits3606d ago

I wanna just bathe in these reviews, because they feel so good on my skin. :(

Helghast Slayer3606d ago

You have been KILLZONED!!! NEXT

PSN ID: Kush_Reapper

tharealest3606d ago

Game Of The Forever.
No doubt about that.

BMS843605d ago

Killzone 2 .. will be amazing..