5 Reasons Why Killzone 2's Campaign Doesn't Rock - **Spoilers**

UGO: If you haven't read it yet, please check out my piece from yesterday, detailing the 5 reasons why Killzone 2's campaign rocks. Once you have, now we're on to the dark side. And yes, I'm prepared for our comments to be engulfed in flames.

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Blademask3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"If you haven’t read it yet, please check out my piece from yesterday, detailing the 5 reasons why Killzone 2’s campaign rocks. Once you have, now we’re on to the dark side. And yes, I’m prepared for our comments to be engulfed in flames.

1) The Controls
I’m not going to embellish here more than I already have. All I’ll say is that the controls in multiplayer are just about perfect, and I really wish they were as good in single player. Ahem, crouch toggle.

2) Interiors
While exteriors in Killzone 2 look incredibly kick ass, with giant explosions and battles and space ships and crap, interiors are pretty underwhelming. A common experience is walking into a large square room with, like, a desk in the middle of it. The rest of the room is entirely featureless. It’s like the designers spent all their time making the outside world look great and forgot there’s an indoors as well.

3) The Basic Weapons
None of the basic weapons are terrifically useful, nor are they fun to shoot guys with. The standard Vektan scoped assault rifle is handy, but feels and sounds a bit puny when you’re popping off shots. On the flip side, the Helghan rifles and SMGs feature terrible aim and iron sights that make it impossible to see what you’re aiming at. The sad fact is that most of time when you’re firing weapons in the campaign it won’t feel nearly as badass as it should.

4) Been There, Done That
From a gameplay and story perspective, the Killzone 2 campaign does nothing new. Every mission and encounter feels like we’ve been there and done that in games like Uncharted, Gears of War and Call of Duty. If you get past the killer visuals, it’s just not a very unique experience.

5) The Final Battle (SPOILERS!)

I didn't post the part 5 part, why the hell would this a$#hole spoil the game?

jwatt3606d ago

WTF do not read number 5 I didn't hink it would be a huge spoiler!

prunchess3606d ago

Don't be a sucker, give the site a miss.

yamamoto1143606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Killzone 2 may be absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing, but no game is perfect. Anyone who denies this is a fool. Give the site its hit. The less often we point out a game's mistakes, the less incentive it has to improve.

And what kind of person wouldn't want Killzone 3 to be better than Killzone 2?

Kleptic3606d ago

well whatever...many other reviews have said the final battle of the game is the most memorable, and difficult, boss battle of any shooter to date...

I didn't read what it is, or what happens, so I have no idea why...but many have stated that its pretty surprising...

and if this guy thinks the main weapons in the game 'don't feel right'...i simply don't know what to say to that...that is reaching for sure...the the way the weapons recoil and react, and the way the sites bounce around, and the animations it creates in your enemies as you fill them with other game touches that...and the multiplayer beta had all the main I have tried ever single one of them...i'm not just saying this based on watching videos...

its easy to say any game has the problems he pointed out...Gears 2, when firing the lancer, feels like complete shat...see?...

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MURKERR3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

.. should have done them the opposite way round, negative yest and positive today

Daigoji_Gai3606d ago

For not joing the gravvy train bashing wagon and seeing what he is doing, tempering hype and expectations. I agree, maybe the negative should have went first and then the positive, but then the result would have been the same: "ZOMGOSH HE DID THIS BECAUSE EVERYONE HATED THE STORY YESTERDAY"

Gam713606d ago

How about you post the reviews as they come in instead of screening them so you get the bad first (to hide them) then good.

Aren't people allowed to have opinions?

Huh3606d ago

poor 1up/ugo nobody cares about them anymore now that shane and everyone important has left

Daigoji_Gai3606d ago

I would have to disagree. Our brothers and sisters at 1UP are still producing great content. Some of those let go may return, and we are just as strong as ever.


Blademask3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Well.. thats SHOCKING! lol.. your site is trash. You guys are just flame baiting for hits, and its pathetic.Sucks that no one can actually do any real journalism, its just all blogging disguised as "articles".

Enjoy Kz2 :)

Gothdom3606d ago

if you really work for UGO, which I doubt, but in any case... STOP MAKING LISTS ARTICLES! Do you think your demographics are mentaly challenged or something? Did you get too many "tl;dr" emails? There are ways to write articles without making lists. Mainly refer to your journalism course.

It's not directed at UGO particularly, but at all the lame articles I keep seeing on here which read :"10 reasons to hate xbox", "5 reasons PS3 will fail", "5 ways to die in GTA IV", and " countless number of lists articles"... Yes, I feel that my intellect is being insulted.

Johnny Rotten3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

what like giving top five lists that include spoilers. That's kind of a douchebag thing to do don't you think?

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Bzone243606d ago

"Or, just buy a ps3, and stop hating on everything sony related 247 like Bladestar & Giant Enemy Crab did. "

Blademask = Hypocrite

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kazuma3606d ago

still trying? i'll give you that, they're at least persistent, but hey it's done.
the positive reviews are here, scoring 9 or better in pretty much every can't kill the game now.
it's over, deal with it.

Huh3606d ago

i still like you garnett but you should leave 1up as well and join shane

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