Play3 Live Killzone 2 Review - 19 out of 20

French Website Play3 Live has reviewed Killzone and given it an impressive score of 19 out of 20

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GameGambits3577d ago

I like these big numbers. They just reassure what many of us were already thinking/hoping.

Let the good train riiiiiiide! :D

JAKESPLACE_3577d ago

Dont know who play3 was so me and my friends werent planning on flaming you guys but you better believe we would have if u had anything lower than a 9.

Good job though peeps!!



Rocky873577d ago

they mentioned true facts about the graphics ...

dukadork23577d ago

they're basically saying this is the most awesome and best looking game of all time (PC included), nothing comes even close and gameplay is tons of fun except for the minor fact that the environments are not fully destructible.

xb!tches: don't hang yourselves just yet, it's only the beginning

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