Killzone 2 Exclusive gameplay video

Eurogamer has release a new gameplay video of Killzone 2. Enjoy.

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Kleptic3582d ago

a great video to display the tech advantage this game has over others...Gears 2 has a similar level, where you are on the rig things (the second level in the game iirc)...where wind only effects some blood and smoke effects from your weapon...

compare that to this...where movement speed is effected...blood and weapon particle effects are as well...but notice the little sparks clipping off the environment...of which are also affected realistically...ejecting shells from your rifle are also blown back past the player because of wind...and simply watch what it does to every grenade the guy throws...pretty impressive...

dukadork23582d ago

and wipes its ass with a locust.

GameGambits3581d ago

I dig it.

A.I def. does some smart things to avoid getting shot up easy. :)