Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Details Announced

In an interview with a Japanese magazine Square-Enix reveals that Toshiro Tsuchida, creator of the Front Mission series has taken on the role of battle director for Final Fantasy XIII on PS3. Tsuchida also performed that role on Final Fantasy X for the PS2 while taking a break from the Front Mission series.

A brief translation of the interview reveals details about the FFXIII battle system and what Tsuchida wants in the final, including confirmation the game will not feature random encounters.

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BlackIceJoe4311d ago

I liked in FFXII that you could see the bad guys over randomly running into them.

I can't wait to see the finished game. It should be good.

GamerMan4311d ago

"...outright stating that Final Fantasy XIII will not be featuring random encounters."

This will be interseting to see also.

" enemies personalities so that each individual enemy fights slightly differently past what has been shown in previous FF games."

It would be nice to see the enemies with some more moves instead of the same predetermined attacks. FFXII had a good start on that system where the enemy wasn't that predictable but if your obviously way above the level range it doesn't matter what move they make :lol:

Personally I think in gaming we are past the random encounter screens, but feel there should be some random encounters. I will expalin further if anyone cares for me to expand.

Final Fantasy series has always given me my monies worth in gameplay and I hope it continues with that trend. So I wonder where "Cid" will be in this game. Cid had a very interesting role in FFXII

timmyp534311d ago

random encounters is so.. FFX. Lol.

I cheated with the random encounters in FFX. I set my characters to heal and attack. Gave them accessories to increase MP. I taped the analog so Yuna would run to the wall and set the cursor to memory with a light weight on top of the x button so it would always choose the same command. I left it like for the whole night. I was on like lvl.99 when i checked what i did

only FF fans can understand.

deathtok4310d ago

This is definitely going to be amazing.

no_more_heroes4310d ago

that think FF is one of the most overrated franchises ever. All it is is a disc filled with pretty CG cutscenes. And its hard too, but mostly just boring. The only turn-based RPG I enjoyed was The Legend of the Dragoon. I personally think that game was underrated and Sony needs to do a next-gen remake of that game, expanding on the battle system it used. I actually felt involved with the game when I was playing it. There is more watching than playing in FF. Here's what would attract me to FF, if you care:
1. A spicing up of the same emotional drab of a storyline.

2. Less pre-rendered cutscenes, more interesting gameplay. Its like SotC if it had smaller fish to fry before each collosus.