PS3 has same amount of bits as Dreamcast

Remember when bits were everything? 32 bit versus 64 bit...the "24-bit" neo geo, the Jaguar "do the math" controversy - then the Dreamcast came along, the first 128 bit system, and pretty much everyone stopped talking about it. You doubled the bits with the next system, that was just how it worked! But then it started to be about how emotional your engine was. decided to mail sony and ask how many bits the PS3 has. A gajillion? Six? Read on for the official answer

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SEAN16174311d ago

had 128bits versus xbox 64bits but the xbox was way more powerful. BITS, look at all the crap people try to dig up.

Xi4310d ago

he's not trying to dig up anything, all he's saying is that the terms used to define what made games look good, or what defined previous gaming generations no longer applies. Bits have no effect, just like spe's or gpu's may not have an effect in 10 years.

Icryo4311d ago

PS3 will be the next dreamcast.

Syko4311d ago

I take it, It is also considered "128" or what.? Pretty funny article I was actually wondering what ever happened to the 8-bit,16-bit,64-bit talk. Guess its because ever since Xbox had a standard HD in it they all resemble dedicated PC's for gaming now...Hell the PS3 is the closest to a PC in terms of consoles ever...Good or bad I can't tell yet but it is definetly the trend in the new consoles to be PC like

Contra264311d ago

PS3 will be the next panasonic 3D0 or Jaguar.. or maybe the next Sega 32x...or SegaCD.....

dont compare the dreamcast to the PS3.
PS3 has nothing to offer except Blu-Ray... Dreamcast has GGGGAAAMMEESS!!!!

Covenant4311d ago

It's struggling, for sure. But it's WAAAAAAAY too early to lump it in with Dreamcast, 3DO, etc.

BoneMagnus4311d ago

that the technology has gotten to the point where this is not a reliable standard of measurement any longer. My understanding is that things are so complex - no simple factor can be taken as representative of the whole power of a system.

That seems to be right given the numerous discussions on these forums regarding the 360 Vs. PS3 and the memory number/drive speed...stuff I don't have a clue about. I don't see this as anything negative, and likely something that was taken out of context for the purpose of creating a news story.

BTW, I own a 360 and do not yet have a PS3 - just in case anyone thought to accuse me of fanboyism in my defense of the PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.