A valid reason to hate the Wii - useless peripherals


"If you've been a gamer for any length of time, you've no doubt owned many peripherals which are designed to add to the experience of gaming. And some do, and some are even essential pieces of kit. But there are many peripherals that are utterly pointless, and this group of gaming gristle is one of my (many) pet hates. And the Wii is my number one enemy on this score."

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PS360WII3578d ago

You mean optional peripherals? Yes I hate them too for not making me buy things. Dang them it should be a forced purchase.

Durffen3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Damn, why do I HAVE to buy a Wii Zapper, but it's a good option not to buy an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter?

I like the 360 a lot, same with the PS3 and Wii, but I just had to point that out. But seriously, these peripherals are optional. Don't want em? Don't buy em.

Product3578d ago

Wow this guy is ignorant.....
"The Xbox 360 has a similar tally of useful peripherals, with the Steering Wheels, Arcade Stick, Headset, and Remote Controls part of that list. All of which will cater to some without being needed by most."

Then he goes onto say
"But we ain’t finished yet. Add in the almost useful Wii Speak Microphone, and the Wii Racing Wheel and the room needed to house a Wii increases.
Then come the real doozies. Buy Wii Fit and you get a Balance Board to exercise on. Buy Link’s Crossbow Training and get the Wii Zapper, an admittedly nicely-shaped piece of plastic that actually serves no purpose whatsoever. The Wii Wheel with Mario Kart? Same......
and the room needed to house a Wii increases."

room needed to house the wii increases?yet he said nothing of the xbox stuff he finds as usefull or how it takes up just as much space.

The best one is this though
"Add in the almost useful Wii Speak Microphone, and the Wii Racing Wheel But you can at least justify these peripherals as having some merit."
Alright he says the wii racing wheel has merit.
"Then come the real doozies.Wii Zapper, an admittedly nicely-shaped piece of plastic that actually serves no purpose whatsoever. The Wii Wheel with Mario Kart? Same."

Am i wrong or did that guy in one sentence say the wii wheel had merit then in the next say it serves no purpose?Im questioning this guys merit.

Whats funny is i have some wii stuff but it all fits in one section of my tv stand.....not entertainment center a tv stand from BoConcept.

Voiceofreason3577d ago

I dont have any Wii peripherals. GHWT take up any spare space I have..Of course I actually need it to play the game. Most of the stuff for Wii isnt required. If a game uses the Wii fit board, it has other options for controls if you do not own it.Granted I didnt buy a next gen console for last gen controls, so I feel I have to use it for Shaun white.

ChickeyCantor3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

So basically he was looking for a reason to hate, no matter how he would look at the good things?


He hates a console no matter what games?
Just because of this?

Some people don't deserve to wright a blog or article.

Shnazzyone3578d ago

I agree my wiiwheel just builds dust ever since i figured out the nunchuck wiimote combo is the best. I didn't buy a wiizapper because yes it's totally worthless and there are few reasons to own one. I don't think you can lump in that crappy 3rd party snap in crap they sell at gamestop. Any logical gamer knows those are utterly worthless. But did he state he bought 8 wiimotes for his console?!? perhaps he means 1 wiimote and one nunchuck x4. and those are certainly not useless they serve a valid purpose. I have no idea where i'm going with this but If you don't want the useless accessories don't buy em'. It says nothing about the wii other then nintendo is a business and new accessories drive sales. The wiifit board is another example of innovation in nintendo just like the drumkit is for rockband. This article has no valid point it just states the obvious.

Voiceofreason3577d ago

I am beginning to wonder if anyone will ever come up with a valid reason to hate the Wii that cant also be said about the PS2 or any other number one console in history. Yeah Wii has many first. None of those first revolve around negatives though. Only seen as negative by people who know nothing about gaming beyond this gen.