Empire: Resident Evil 5 Review

Empire writes: "In many ways, Resident Evil 5 feels like a 'greatest hits' spanning the series' 13 years of terror. As well as marking the return of Chris Redfield – a key player in the first adventure back in 1996 – and featuring the playful balance of indoor and outdoor locations that characterised the PlayStation sequels, RE5 is also peppered with the genuinely distressing movie sequences that punctuated Code Veronica and team-based challenges that defined Outbreak, all wrapped in the glorious visuals and intuitive controls that helped reboot the franchise in Resident Evil 4. In short, for anyone who spent their formative console years up to their neck in zombie guts, man-eating moths and betentacled horrors, RE5 is a sublime joy."


For some reason Empire has now removed their review of Resident Evil 5

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incogneato3605d ago

a good score but one it doesnt deserve. its funny, this site gives killzone 2 (a game that raises the bar for videogames in every single way) a 4/5 yet gives RE5 which has practically everything identical to RE4 minus an HD resolution a 5/5. they have no credibility in my book

Bonsai12143605d ago

i want to know how they reviewed it so fast... are review copies even out yet?

jwatt3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

WOW look how fast empireonline just made a name for themselves by giving Killzone 2 a 4/5 and resident evil 5/5. I know they both have thier strengths and weaknesses but taking off points for killzone2 for no co-op then not taking off points for no multiplayer in RE5 is ridiculous. I think both games are a 5/5 especially with that kind of rating system. The 4/5 for Killzone was clearly to spice things up, good job empire your popular now.

hulk_bash19873605d ago

Deys morons are completely out of deyre minds, how can dey give a game dat feels like a last gen pos wid an HD polish a pefect score, and yet be completely anal about killzone 2 feeling like "every other" futuristic shooter out der?? I've played the demo of RE5 and i can easily sey that it isnt a 5/5.

soxfan20053605d ago

Why would ANYONE be upset at a 5/5 score? Do you really not want a 5/5 game on your system?

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tatotiburon3605d ago

wow lol the haters...

RE5 is amazing, like RE4 and the co-op is crazy..

People bash this game because is RE4 with better graphics, so what? RE4 according to IGN is in the top 5 of the best games in history. Nahhh the game doesn't have anything new, jesus can you play R4 in co-op?

Killzone 2 is a normal FPS but with crazy graphics and a solid gameplay, so?

MegaMohsi3605d ago

Is like every other TPS out there now, with co-op, the survival horror aspect is gone. I can't see this game getting better reviews than Dead Space other than the fact of the "brand name" bias in reviewing games. Just because it's a RE game shouldnt give it automatically high reviews. This game has a lot to live up to after dead space

Lord Xire3605d ago

So are you saying that RE5 moves like Gears of War and Uncharted?

Are you serious?

RE went to 3rd person in order to make the game more immersive.

Changing the controls slightly from its old pivot style for players.

1. Resident Evil 5 is close quarters combat most times..running and gunning isn't even realistic in the RE5 environment....especially with hostiles all over the place..

So its pace fits the games direction.

I really hate these people....

Deviant3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

ur ignorance makes me sick ...
who cares if its "realistic" if doesnt make fun

ultimolu3605d ago

What does this have to do with KZ2?

Drop the haterade please.

joydestroy3605d ago

yeah Dead Space owned. i've played that game through like 3 times haha. Dead Space 2 is gonna be amazing. can't wait!

Light Yagami3605d ago

RE5 better than KZ2. HAHAHAHA!

Rob0g0rilla3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Enjoy your game and stop crying about what other people think about it.

adnanrules3605d ago

THIS IS NEXT GEN! how much power does a ps3 and 360 have compared to a cube and a ps2 a huge leap its funny wii is the most weakest ssytem out of the three yet aequels on the wii are awesome Galaxy, Prime and actuallly next gen sequels. The only sequel on the ps3 library is probably Burnout Paradise and MGS4! RE5 may be great but its too less for aanext gen console if it was ps2 or teh cube then its understandable

Lord Xire3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

No Deviant.

Your an ignorant tool for thinking that running and gunning in RE5 would make it better.

I can tell your a NOOB to the entire franchise....and if this RE wasn't going to 360 you'd jump for joy and scream in praise...gladly letting the entire Sony camp inseminate your mouth with no problems.

I'm a fanboy to games see...RE5 is just fine....and if you don't like it go ahead....just because YOU are too slow to catch onto controls doesn't mean the game isn't "fun".

RE5 isn't a game for fresh off the boat noobs.

It takes focus and strategy.. dumping an entire clip into an enemy and running around kiting away would destroy what RE created....any true fan to the games will know.

Using your surroundings i.e. Gas Canisters, Fire Extinguishers, Electricity nodes all in order to save ammo and SURVIVE.

You probably didn't get out of the first house in Public Assembly eh?

I can tell.

My 12yrold cousin mastered these controls in 2 co op plays.

Edit @below: "bashing me doesn't fix the problems.."

Well good thing I wasn't bashing you to fix problems.....

I get disgusted at the way gamers are so materialistic and queer when it comes to gaming now...always comparing a game to this in order to prove a point that is only valid in there own stupid world.

Resident Evil one of the big names in gaming and last gen brought one of the best games in history gets torn away and criticized due to peoples lack of skill to learn controls and there petty childish grudges due to there loyalty.

Deviant3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

bashing me doesnt fix the issues ...
and btw neither would u praise RE if it was a ps3 exclusive
(see what i did there -.-)

dgroundwater3605d ago

He doesn't need to play KZ2 to know it is a solid FPS with excellent graphics, nothing more. It won't shatter anyone's expectations of the FPS genre like Half Life did, and it sure as hell won't ever be as popular as Halo. To disagree is to lie to yourself.

Anyways, on topic Empire likely had their review canned because of the embargo. Reviews shouldn't be out for a while anyway.

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Uwe_Boll3605d ago

How can resi 5 have 'intuitive controls'. It controls like a tank and we already know we can have suspense and tension even if we can move and shoot(see Dead Space)

LeonSKennedy4Life3605d ago

Suspense and tension in Dead Space?

Now, I KNOW that's the real Uwe Boll.

yog-sothot3605d ago

there is an incredible tension in Dead Space...

I really loved RE4 and I think RE5 is decent according to the demo, but there is almost no tension or horror anymore in those games

Uwe_Boll3605d ago

You obviously love the resident evil series, *Hint* look at your name, so you will defend it. How can you tell people the game will be fantastic when you haven't played the full game.
I never commented on the whole game, just the controls which suck.
Another issue with the game is reused animations, the hit detection on the game is really bad, you have to hit someone in just the right spot for it to count as a head shot. It even took more than 2 shots to kill the infected even if it was a headshot!

jinx3605d ago

People please don't fool yourselves we all know RE5 is garbage. This review came from those idiots themselves, to keep dimmies like you all hyped up about it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3605d ago

Resident Evil 5 is fantastic, dude.

Resident Evil 4 was and is still really easy to control. It's very fluid if you know what you're doing.

If you want Dead Dead Space.

Go back to your Halo. We don't need you in gaming.