Rumored US PS Store Content for 1/29/09

Anthony Severino of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Well, well, well… A lot of what he have been rumoring since the beginning of the year are finally confirmed for this week. Savage Moon will finally hit today, as well as my long rumored Bejeweled 2. That's not all that in "store" for us today, as we will be getting some exclusive Mirror's Edge DLC. Don't forget to check out the weekly Rock Band, and Guitar Hero updates as well as this week's LittleBigPlanet DLC which is the GOW level pack and Kratos costume that was once only available pre-launch by pre-ordering LBP at Gamestop. Does this mean we will see a Nariko costume DLC in the coming months? We hope so.

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Sev3608d ago

Original article's rumored content updated as we received more information.

Sev3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

RE5 demo is next week. Already confirmed.

I already have the PS3 RE5 demo, and it's not really anything toget too excited for. I didnt' really like it at all.

Controls are too clunky, camera system is annoying, graphics are washed out.

Capcom was too worried about looking racist and added to many white/hispanic zombies killing the Hatian voodoo theme the game had.

oh and this is coming from a long time RE fan and someone who considered RE4 the best game of last gen.

PlayStation LifeStyle will be posting RE5 demo impressions early next week. I need to put some more time into it over the weekend.

The demo consists of 2 levels which you can play Co-op, or single player. Even though I haven't tried it yet, I believe there is online co-op in the demo as well.

Endorphin3608d ago

Pixeljunk Eden demo?
That's already out, as been for a very long time.

Sev3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

See comment #3 below.

I meant to have it as a reply to you, and when I tried copy and pasting here the links didnt work.

Sev3608d ago

PJE demo came out in July 08.

However there are details of a "NEW" PJE demo hinted here...

The old PJE demo is not in my PS Store as you can see here...

I have had reports that PJE demo is still in other people's PS Store, why not mine? Do you have the PJE demo in the PS Store?

Endorphin3608d ago

This would be a demo for the new patch that's coming out? That's kind of weird...
I would think that since this is rumor content, that this would be a rumor for the patch coming out which would make more sense. Patch would be awesome.

Sev3608d ago

as far as I know the patch was released Jan 15th.

Mikelarry3608d ago

thanks for the info sev. i knew if the eu failed me the us wouldnt, gonna get me some bejewled

Snow3608d ago

Oh everyone's going to have the Kratos costume now?

There goes my individuality -_-

Sev3608d ago

yup, at least you got yours for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.