FFXIII Trailer Reaction: You got your DMC in my FF

Steinkamp from Double-Joint writes: Finally, Square has shown us what gameplay might look like in the guaranteed smash-hit FFXIII. Flashy indeed, but is it going to clear past the DMC uncanny valley? Doubtful. Read on for what looks good and what looks just wrong.

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Roper3163580d ago

I personally dislike button masher battle systems in RPG's. If I wanted to mindlessly mash buttons in battles I would play a fighting game. I am sure this will be like FF XII for me, where I love everything about the game except the battle systems.

kazan3579d ago

the Trailer kinda remind me of FF 10,, it has the same atmosphere ..FF 10 was a great game and i hope this one follows,,,and i think the battle systems is great, hope the story is good though that is what all i care about,