Killzone 2: Salamun Bridge Gameplay - 720p

Direct feed action from the Bridge West mission.

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chidori6663582d ago

kill zone 2 blow out the water all fps.... :P

TheMART3582d ago

In the graphics department its doing a good job, but gameplay I am still not convinced. Remember KZ1 with an average score of 7 out of 10. Waiting for the real reviews on 2nd February, especially IGN and EDGE

thereapersson3582d ago

Come on Mart, you can look at those videos and judge the gameplay for yourself, can't you?

Man_of_the_year3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I agree with thereapersson just look at the videos and you can tell that its EXACTLY like COD4.

If you have played COD4 then you know how this game will play....if i get disagrees then maybe its not like COD4 and i will have to actually play it myself and just by looking at the gameplay Videos is actually not enough to know how the game plays....

Thus making Mart correct with his statement

Helghast Slayer3582d ago

Come on MART. The has been countless praise and assurance for the gameplay by many. The controls is the only thing that might need to be adjusted to your own liking.

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resistance1003582d ago

Nice, anyone else see the Helghast peg it when the rocket launcher is aimed at him.

Who said this game had poor Ai again?

solidjun53582d ago

Dan Hsu. lol

My gosh, those ragdoll effects when they get shot are amazing!!

Bathyj3582d ago

Well, it looks like the Hsu is on the other foot.

thereapersson3582d ago

lmao BathyJ, bubbles for the cheese factor...

AngryHippo3582d ago

lol I'll give you a + bubble because you made me chuckle. These threads tend to turn into slagging matches and its nice when someone lightens the mood.

GWAVE3582d ago

Anyone who knocks the AI in this game yet showers praise on the likes of CoD4 and Halo 3 is officially a hypocrite. Reviewers will probably bash Killzone 2 for spawning enemies or "poor AI" even though they gave a pass on many other games.

resistance1003582d ago


Thankfully KZ2 doesn't have constantly respawning enemies, its one of the things i'm not to fond of in the COD series

Giriath3582d ago

Keep em' coming Eurogamer! I think these are the best vids I've seen of Killzone 2 thus far. Not only is the quality great, but the player plays like a real gamer, and I think he's doing it at Veteran (hard) difficulty.

Montrealien3582d ago

I wont even check the video out, don`t want to spoil anything. And Dan hsu was talking about your teammates AI, running away from a rocket launcher has been going on in AI scripts for a long time. Teamates being tards have been an issue for a while, not many games have nailed that yet I think, hopefully Killzone 2 will change that.

solidjun53582d ago

Dan Hsu was talking about the AI period. He stated (I think in his blog), that the Helgast was standing there taking shots. This was after GG showed KZ2 (atleast the one running on an actual PS3) for the first time. Watching the video won't spoil anything.

Montrealien3582d ago

yeah, I watched it, lol. If Dan hsu mentioned that in his blog after playing on of the first builds that actually worked on a ps3, it was surely a constructive critism on what he saw and what they need to work on. Dan hsu is not a hater, just a gamer with an opinion.

watching the guy run away from the rocket shot is nothing new though, andd enemy AI has been getting better and better, it's your team mates AI that I am more interested in.

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chidori6663582d ago

the ai of kz2 is one more amazing of fps.

ZackFair3582d ago

I've seen far better YouTube HD videos of KZ2.

This video doesn't do the game justice.

olivia3582d ago

i agree i seen videos of the game that make this look like standard def

nycredude3582d ago

In the interest of preserving my awesome experience when Killzone 2 Drops, I am giving my Gamestop pre-order demo code away to a fellow gamer who would appreciate it. All i ask is a bubble everytime you see me on n4g until the demo goes live, plus you must write an informed, non fanboy review of the demo when you are done.

Reply and write a couple of sentences why you are excited for Killzone 2 and I'll decide who to give it to.

Montrealien3582d ago

I am getting this game because it looks like a good shooter with amazing visuals. Also, I enjoyed Killzone, Killzone Liberation and Shellshock. And even though Guerilla sets some high goals, they always come pretty close to what they promised, and I`m sure Killzone 2 will follow that tradition.

I got a code already. good luck on your bubble quests.

nycredude3582d ago

Good honest reply.

Quick question, I am thinking about getting Killzone to lead me into Killzone 2. Is it as bad as people make it out to be?

Montrealien3582d ago

both Killzone 1 and Liberation are worth it to get a feel for the universe, it should help out to get into Killzone 2.

As for Killzone 1, it was not a bad PS2 game, just to much for the PS2 to handle, and a victim of its own media hype. Still one of the best looking PS2 shooters around though. And if you can look past the technical limitation the PS2 was facing with Killzone, you will enjoy it.

nycredude3582d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I am actually playing through Liberation and I think it's pretty solid, albeit different. I am going to pick up Killzone 1 from Gamestop tonight and play through it.


ChaoticWarfare3582d ago

I am insanely excited for killzone 2, as i am sure you are aswell. Im amazed by what Gorrila games have accomplished with Killzone 2. I played the first Killzone buy i never bought a psp so i never got to play the psp ones. I went to Eb Games and a few other stors but they knew nothing about the demo code giveaway. I was very disappointed. I would be very great full. But them again its your choice. And btw killzone 1 does seem to include some guns that i have seen in killzone 2 but they dont look very alike. If your looking for a game to lead you into Killzone 2 try Cod4 because from what i have seen in killzone 2 you do aim down your sights and it seem to be like a 7-15 bullet to kill. Plus i send to a PM which you can take a look at it. Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day XD

ChaoticWarfare3582d ago

i replied under ur comment but i also sent u a pm plz read them, if ur still handing out the demo code... not to be a d*ck or anything but im crazy hyped and would applicate it soo much

nycredude3581d ago

Congrats! Read your PM! Don't forget to post your impressions of the demo.

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