Smedley Talks EverQuest Franchise, PS3 Possibilities

Sony Online Entertainment's pioneering MMO EverQuest is still chugging along, and SOE president John Smedley says it's still a significant revenue driver.

This March, the game will reach its ten-year anniversary, with over a dozen expansions so far and no plans to stop operations any time soon. Meanwhile, the company continues with a slate of other PC MMOs (including the sequel EverQuest II) as well as intentions to invest more heavily into the PlayStation 3 platform.

Gamasutra spoke with Smedley about the challenges of operating an MMO in its tenth year, experiments in emerging business models like free-to-play and real money trades, and console plans.

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Sarick3582d ago

This MMO is outdated and not as popular anymore compared to WOW. If they're going to expect casuals they need to fix a few things that will bring in casual gamers too.

Kouzmich3582d ago

That says allot , just look at Tabula Rasa canned and this is 10 years alive. Wow thats impressive.