Islamic Strategy Game Promotes Understanding

A Syrian game developer has created a strategy game, Al-Quraysh, with the aim of improving Western understanding of Islam.

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Maticus3484d ago

Awesome idea, lets hope it works.

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Leord3484d ago

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It wasn't THAT bad!

Rikitatsu3484d ago

inb4 Anti-Islam Strike Force.

Wait... i think i am late

Israfel3484d ago

Me being one of them!


Cartesian3D3484d ago

in other words, best avatar EVAR! .. Arthas is my most fav game character beside Solid snake..

phosphor1123484d ago

Hello fellow Mulsim.

Yeah, anyway, I hope it works. I wonder if they will leave more of the religious specifics out or not, because the two major sects of Islam (Sunni and Shia) go both in very different directions after the death of Mohammed. Hmm.

Israfel3484d ago

Because that's a very complicated platform.

user8586213484d ago

fellow muslim here

lovin the idea!!

yess3484d ago

Is your avatar somehow related to that you are a

phosphor1123484d ago

I think that's just a coincidence lmao. I think he just likes the site "Giant Bomb." Great site by the way. I'll give you an agree though, just for making me laugh though lol.

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Leord3484d ago

Are you an unbeliever? =)

thetamer3484d ago

I think this is a really interesting idea. I think the idea of educating people and understanding the foundation of a religion is something that's all too easily forgotten. When different parts of the world don't understand the heritage and culture of other parts of the world, it becomes easy to demonise a whole group of people. It's also easy to blame religion for the faults of man, and although this is an RTS, which doesn't really promote peace in any particular way, it will still have a story which underlines and underpins the reason why Islam came to power.

Leord3484d ago

I think you are right, especially on blaming religion for the fault of man. Man is the one only source of evil on this planet, as we are the only source for good. I mean, religion was created by man.

thetamer3484d ago

It's defo a good idea and I would love to see a Buddhist MMO

AndyA3484d ago

Sounds like an interesting period of history, looking forward to the interview.