Next Generation iPhone Model Revealed in Firmware

With the iPhone 3G barely six months old, talk has already turned to a sharp new version, thanks to apparent evidence uncovered in the latest firmware for Apple's best–selling blower.

MacRumors has found reference to iPhone 2.1, a major leap from the current 1.2 edition. It's worth remembering that Apple uses these leaps in number to distinguish between new models, with Mac fanboys pointing out the jump from iPod Touch 1.0 to iPod Touch 2.0 last year.

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d3l33t3608d ago

Riding the gravy train!

The_Firestarter3608d ago

Don't forget about the biscuit wheels!

fezthabest3608d ago

Well that's interesting, i wonder what they'll improve. I hope better camera, maybe bigger screen, prob better processor too. But def not multi core/multi GPU IPhone, that would be too much.

DX F3NIX3608d ago

Another IPhone....It's pretty much going to be the same thing just minor changes and wala Apple introduces the next generation (who cares)... I.E. IPod nothing never changed until ITouch and that was years later from first generation...atleast thats what I think.

PS360WII3608d ago

well there is always storage space. Those were the changes.

DX F3NIX3608d ago

very true external storage space is pretty much i think they can add...

PS360WII3608d ago

Really?! You mean Apple will make another version of a high selling product? Who would of thought...

Tempist3608d ago

Problem is.... no one will have a job to support the new thing. Poor apple, spending all this money on R&D and you won't be able to push out it's 3rd / 4th gen version due to over charging on the first 2-3 gens.

This is why I don't waste time and money with apple products; as soon as you have one, a better one is on its way. And by better, marginally.

maverick11913608d ago

the only thing iphone can do is make it smaller and thinner and better camera thats it

STEVIE_3608d ago

I think it has room to improve upon a lot more than that.

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