Playstation 4 Plan Details Leaked

The PS4 will also continue to utilize the existing CELL architecture, rather than launch something brand new. Bravo, says me, because forcing developers to effectively pick up and move from their established country to Timbuktu every half a decade is a surefire way to cripple launch cycles and leave "un-anointed" third-party developers out in the cold. What's more, a twice-powerful PS3 would almost certainly offer enough "oomph" to keep the plaudits coming from the hardcore faithful, while allowing Sony to more vigorously reach out to the Nintendo "casual" market with a steady stream of cheap-to-develop titles. The idea by 2011, presumably, would be to have a pinched and tweaked CELL SDK that absolutely purrs.

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CrippleH3579d ago

Way to damn early for this type of news.

I call phony.

GamerPS3603579d ago

I didn't understand a thing. :)

Jamegohanssj53579d ago

It's always cool to at least start building out a blue print you know.


omodis4203579d ago

It could be real. You never know. It's not like anyone on N4G will understand all that tech mumbo jumbo.

StoneySweatLeafs3579d ago

I bet its real. It's years away from completion. Remember the PS3 started development 2 years after PS2 was released.

Pandemic3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't Sony already stated they want the PS3 to last 10 years or so..?

Helghast3579d ago

There's been bogus PS4 articles ever since PS3 launched.

They're all slightly different, but share 1 thing in common: NO hard evidence or a little thing called proof.

steve30x3579d ago

I doubt that the PS4 is even close to 2 years away yet. I would say that we have another 4 - 5 years before sony will start manufacturing the PS4.

Jamegohanssj53579d ago

Ha ha, no the production cost. Meaning how much it takes to make the PS3. The cell will be a bit smaller, but stronger; however, it won't cost as much as the one in the PS3. The Blu Ray drive will obviously be cheaper seeing as this will be in about 6-7 years from now.

If I am not mistaking the production cost for the PS3 was aboot 800 bucks and that is why Sony was still losing money off every PS3 they sold. I am prediction the production cost to be around 450-600 this time to be honest. Hard drives and RAM are slowly climbing down in prices. The biggest cost will more than likely be the cell. I am hoping that we will see the 4-6 USB ports being back. Hell well, we have a long time, so I may as well just sit back and wait.

Check this out

"Moreover, PS4, also reduced the size of the chip itself, to be headed toward a lower cost. PLAYSTATION 2 of the past generation, the two main chip, the die (chip itself), starting at 200 square mm chip’s high-performance, high cost and large size around to shrink the chip manufacturing costs and scaling process taking a strategy to reduce the price. However, PS4 generation of low-cost rival to the Wii, lower production costs in a small chip from the first car, and expected lower price."

"If, SCE to develop the PS4 and a completely new architecture must all start from zero again. Then, the software development costs, they will go up more mad. Than it is to inherit the architecture, and how best to promote the use of software assets and skills that are considered high potential SCE. As a result the PS3 hard to develop software, I finally appointed to a certain extent, SCE as not going to be the accumulation?TETAKU."

From that I understand that the architecture will be a bit similar to that of the PS3's.

"PS4 is, PS3 or the performance will be up for one. PS3 is the Cell BE, for control of the CPU core "PPU (Power Processor Unit)" the one to each CPU core operation for the "SPU (Synergistic Processor Unit)" the seven (originally eight pieces, for a yield disabled) has a total of 8 CPU cores. Then, Cell BE is a scalable CPU by increasing the number of cores, which can increase the performance architecture."

It will perform better than the PS3. Some of this stuff is common sense actually because the PS3 took a step above it's generation. That is why Sony says a 10 year life span.


That is a direct quote from me. I am sure Fishy or some one else could elaborate more for me. Thanks.


SaiyanFury3579d ago

I'm not calling this article real, but it's not unfeasible for the PS4 to utilize the much-lauded CBE. The chip DOES have a lot of power within, but one of the bottlenecks is the limited GPU. The Cell is one powerful chip having 8 cores, but using a GPU from the 7800GTX that was current about 2+ years ago is a tad limited. I think that the next PS console will have a more current GPU and will still mate to the Cell considering the favour of multicore CPUs. I'm not saying that PS3 games won't look any better in the future, of course devs are always discovering new ways to use the Cell, but limited GPU processing ability doesn't help.

It comes back to the whole Intel vs. nVIDIA argument: CPU vs GPU. Both are necessary for the best experience. The Cell is a great CPU, but in the PS4 a better GPU will be needed. A better GPU mated to the Cell would result in a great console. That isn't to say that Sony devs can't get more out of the PS3, Lord knows they will. But considering that my PC with it's Core 2 Duo and 9800GTX can run Bioshock in 1680x1050 with 4x anti-aliasing in 60FPS, the PS3's GPU is a tad limited. My point is that both CPU and GPU matter. Should Sony use the Cell in it's next console, I hope they have a better GPU present.

will113579d ago

Press Agree if you like PS3

Giriath3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

This article may not be true, but what is said is what is expected for the Playstation 4. Continue using the CELL, but with more cores and a better GPU. Get a better graphics card and better and more RAM. Reduce cost by using small chips from the very beginning and the in-the-future relatively cheap Blu-ray drive.

Having plans like these for their next console is only natural and doesn't mean it will come out any time soon. It is said in the article that Sony plans to have the new CELL ready in 2011, which makes sense. That means that the PS4 would probably be ready for launch in 2013-2014 as they have to get the rest of the hardware sorted out, quality test it, get software running correctly and last of all develop as good a launch line-up as possible.

The Playstation 3 launched in early 2007, so if the Playstation 4 launches in 2014, it will have been out for 7 or 8 years depending on when the PS4 launches in 2014. That's two or three years of continued support for the PS3 to meet their promised 10-year-lifetime, much like the PS2.

This will probably be at least 1 year after the release of Microsoft's next console if not more, and Nintendo may as well have released Wii HD and their next console by then. But I have a feeling Sony will run their own game much like Nintendo. Instead of rushing to keep up with Microsoft's hurried schedule, they'll take their time to develop quality hardware that will always deliver more value than its competitors.

If they get it right at the launch of the PS4 and deliver more value and technically more impressive games than that of Microsoft's next console right off the bat, I think consumers will tire of Microsoft's way of hurrying so much that the quality of their hardware and subsequent games suffers.

I think the next generation of consoles will be the most interesting yet. This is the first generation where casual gaming has really came to life, dividing the industry like never before. The problem is that there is one console focusing on casual gaming, Nintendo's Wii, while there are two consoles focusing on the more hardcore gaming, the Xbox and Playstation.

I think that in the next generation both Sony and Microsoft will want a piece of the huuuge casual gaming audience, but one will fail in the mind of their real target audience: the hardcore gamers, causing them to collapse. It will all come down to which console is of most value and delivers the most quality games.

I believe that that will be the PS3 this generation. If Microsoft hurries to launch another Xbox with hardware issues that fails to meet the game quality of the PS4, I'm almost certain consumers won't bother with the Xbox anymore unless they do a real rethink and start buying studios and supporting them instead of buying exclusive contracts of which most are limited by time and will release on Sony's console eventually.

^My God, this is a wall of text if I've ever seen one.

SAiOSiN3579d ago

@at gamerps360
same here :(

duplissi3579d ago

ugh pandemic.....

its been said a thousand times before.
sony will support the ps3 for 10 years just like the ps2, so when the ps3 hits middle age they will launch the ps4, and market both ps3 and ps4 at the same time, just like they do now with the ps2 and ps3.

RoyFlav3579d ago

Where exactly from within SCE was this leaked? I mean, I thought a leak had to come from a non-official source inside the entity actually responsible for the subject of the story.

Calling this a leak is akin to me saying, "NASA is building a large Nobulon Space Entangler, it will be based on the Cell and on Fission Chips", and claiming that was a 'leak'.

Bah and humbug.

tee_bag2423579d ago

I call phony too. 2011 is too close - only 2 years away. Also a ps4 or any other next gen is going to be more than just double the grunt

pixelsword3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Sony already gave a 10 year plan, and any console coming out in the next few years will likely fail because of the economy, so not only would Sony be smart by keeping a 10 year plan, but also Microsoft; the only company that can make another console with a reasonable price, possibly, will be Nintendo; but only out of necessity if the Wii is no longer profitable.

I don't know if this is something to discourage PS3 sales or not, but rumors regarding price drops and next-gen console sales usually are.

Montrealien3579d ago

So once this is denied by sony, will it be put in the failed bin like it should? You know, like the alan wake video story remedy denied?

mfwahwah3579d ago


"Sony already gave a 10 year plan"

Doesn't matter. They can release PS4 right now (hypothetically duh) and still keep the PS3 alive until it's been around for a decade. Notice how the PS2 still exists, despite PS3's release years ago? Same idea.

Of course PS4 will take quite a few years to be released, but I'm just pointing that out so you don't expect a new system TOO long from now haha xD

cherrypie3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

The generations are 5-7 years. This is dictated by the whole of computer and electronics industry.

The PS4 *will* be coming with the Wii2 or Xbox 720. The PS2 will end at the same time the PS4 ships.

Sony (and probably MS) are moving to a "Upper and lower" tier console scheme. This is enabled by the splitting of the market into Media, Casual and Hardcore.

Hardcore gamers demand modern technology. The PS4 will come sooner than later.

This '10 year cycle" line from Sony is to cover-up their being late to market, nothing more, nothing less.

"2013-2014 as they have to get the rest of the hardware sorted out"

You. Are. Living. In. Dreamland. GO and look at the history of consoles. Then, take a look at how many 3rd place finishers decided to run that third place as long as you are suggesting.

The last-place (PS3) console usually tries to move ahead and cut the current gen *short*. Its basic, elementary business that works *across the economy*. Not just in consoles.

When you've got a product that has failed, you dont try and sell it *longer*. You cut your losses and get-back in the game with a new product.

I'm sorry, but what planet do you people live on?

BrianC62343578d ago

I think it's true. Just because it's early in the PS3's life doesn't mean Sony isn't starting to work on the PS4. Look at how long it took to make the PS3. I don't think we'll see the real details of the PS4 for a long time though. Sony can stick with the basic PS3 and just improve everything based on the technology in a few years. Like 100GB or 200GB Blu-ray discs. A 1TB or larger hard drive. A lot of RAM. Faster Cell processor. The PS3 was well thought out though so the PS4 shouldn't be that different from the PS3.

BrianC62343578d ago

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't Sony already stated they want the PS3 to last 10 years or so..?"

That only means they'll keep supporting the PS3 for ten years. Like how the PS2 is still being supported and is still in stores. It doesn't mean they won't bring a new console out. Sony will know when the right time is to release a new console. It could be a few years before the PS3 really starts to show its age. When you no longer see improvement in games that's when it's time to bring out a new console.

Lifendz3578d ago

in 2011. That's only 2 years from now. I'd like to think I have another...well...five years at the least with this thing. Make the next PS a techincal marvel that devs are somewhat familiar with but I don't want to see it or have it on the market for at least 4 more years.

uie4rhig3578d ago

but.. all i know is that there is a 99% chance that Sony is gonna use the Cell again.. either an upgraded version or the current Cell BE.. it is successful and they invested alot of money (400mil if i recall it right) and i doubt they are going to throw that money in the garbage! it would be a win/win situation.. Sony would have a console easier to develop for, since developers will get used to the architecture by then (at least the big devs).. plus, for us it would mean that we would have full, if not 99% backwards compatibility with the PS3.. since they're same architecture, so it should run the same games..

my 2 cents ;)

pain777pas3578d ago

Why write about this now? The next generation has really just begun with real titles that are worthy of being called next gen.

Raz3578d ago

It's never too early to learn from your mistakes and start planning for the next gen. Sooner they do, the further along they'll be down the road, no?

I call phony only on the release date - likely we won't see it til' 2014, though we'll probably hear about it officially sometime in 2011/12 just to get the hype going.

Economically, using scaled-down CELL cores in higher numbers is the most plausible part of this article - developers wouldn't have to learn a new architecture all over again, which gives Sony the advantage they lacked out of the gate with the PS3; meaning more and better games produced fast enough to keep up with the market...not to mention cheaper production costs for the SKUs thanks to smaller chips and nano-engineering.

IcarusOne3578d ago

HAHAHAHAHA! Someone's been drinking the Sony kool-aid. (Psst! They peed in it...)

godofthunder103578d ago

They start thinking about the new systems about a year after the system or out.ps3 fans might as well face it.The ps4 will be out before 10 years.The ps3 will still be on the shelfs but so will the ps4.The truth is that the ps3 never was future proof and it was proven already.The fact is that the ps3 was unable to handle crysis and It came out at the beginning of last year.It will always have updates to download little things and that's it.I can't understand why people say that i'm wrong when i say that the ps3 isn't future proof when i know they know about crysis.

I'm not a childish or a stupid fanboy of any system(a toy),I like the 360 but i'll have the balls to say that the ps3 was the most dependable console ever made and i even like some games on it.The reason i don't buy sony or any other forign product if i could help it is because of the trade act.Beside that i like to help my country out and keep as much of my money in it to help the economy out,unlike some Americans that wish Sony cause an American company to shut down,they should be ashamed of their selfs of saying things like this after people died to protect the U.S.if people don't stop buying forign products and our leaders don't stop borrowing billions from China our kids or grand kids will have to speak Japanese or Chinese.I was watching a show about the shape of the economy on fox news today.They had some men who specialise in the economy.They both agreed that this was bound to happen sooner or later but bush called it to happen sooner.They said that the U.S economy been going down because of all the forign products and people buying them and the companies in the U.S building their products overseas so they could hire cheaper workers.If people would stop a think for a second U.S workers been loseing their jobs for years because of Americans not buying U.S products and their jobs moveing over seas.The reason that Japan Economy been in better shape then the U.S is because of the people.They interviewed people in japan and ask why any american product never sold well in Japan.They said because they are proud of their country and companies in it and they like to help their country out as much as possiable.I have all the respect in the world for them.If Americans was half proud of the U.S as they or for Japan then we would be in a lot better shape.

GameGambits3578d ago

You all smell that? It smells like BS! :D

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omodis4203579d ago

I can't say its not true if I can't understand it.

hfaze3579d ago

Yeah... That was a pretty bad translation job on that page...

I would not be surprised to see the PS4 using a PowerXCell series CPU (improved double-precision performance, and up to 32 SPE cores), more RAM, and a better graphics chipset.

After the huge amounts of money Sony invested in the PS3 architecture, I don't see them scrapping it and going with something all new (and causing the learning curve issue with developers all over again).

Technology has got to the point where you don't really see clock-speeds leaping upwards like previously. Current processors are improving performance by adding additional cores to the CPU.

Arsenal4Ever3579d ago

Very bad grammar in that article.

SixZeroFour3579d ago

true, but if that is a direct translation from the source, and if that source is even true, the translation is bound to have some grammatical errors

still couldnt understand a thing though

micro_invader3579d ago

Agreed, overwhelmed by the great wall of text.

Hiruma Youchi3579d ago

hmm price tag ....Around 599 at launch! get at me and tell me im wrong with that?

StoneySweatLeafs3579d ago

You are wrong. With the rise inflation that is about to happen due to all this stimulus money being pumped into the system it will end up over $1000. Look up on google what happens with inflation when you pump a crap load of money into the economic system. Its all currency with nothing to back it. Inflation will skyrocket.

Hiruma Youchi3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

over 1000$!! people are complaning bout the price tag now imagine next. looks like imma have to eff with wii2 and X720. get at me and tell me im wrong??

PirateThom3579d ago

I can't see the next PlayStation costing more than $499 at launch and probably a lot less, but that point maybe the market will all have levelled out (which is why neither Sony or Microsoft will want to launch a new console within the next few years).

Remember, the biggest costs in the PS3 were Blu-ray and the Cell processor, but of these are falling in price. If the PS4 uses Blu-ray, the drives will be faster and cheaper than when the PS3 launched and if they use the same Cell arcitechture yields and costs will be improved.

Dark General3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Well they say they are keeping the cell and they will probably keep Blu-Ray drives. By the time the system launches (probably 2012 in my estimation) the cost for parts and mass production for both of those key components will have dropped ALOT. Not to mention faster read speeds for Blu-Ray (aka less installs). It won't be as expensive (probably) due to these two reasons. You have to remember both were bleeding edge tech when the Ps3 came out.

steve30x3579d ago

I ould say less unless Sony dramatically change the architecture of its internals. The only thing the PS3 is really missing is more memory all round. If they put more than enough memory in the PS4 it would be a lot more future proof than the PS3 and then sony wouldnt need to make a new console for a very long time. They could then make more profit on the PS4 and have enough to invest in a new Console when it is needed.

Giriath3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Smaller chips and improved but then relatively old and established tech like the CELL and Blu-ray drives say otherwise. The only real costs will be a new and better graphics card (hopefully a really good one for the time) as well as RAM.

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Counter_ACT3579d ago

I dont believe this for a second.

StoneySweatLeafs3579d ago

Why. It's not to early for R&D

CrippleH3579d ago

I agree with counter.

Japan is in a recession, Demand for electronics are down, Sony and other company are laying off workers.

Why the hell spend even more money on R&D right now instead of sticking to the plan and think about profiting from the PS3.

Sony said it themselves that making the PS3 profitable takes priority.

Makes no sense anyways of how it got "leaked" so fast. We didn't hear anything about the PS3 Until 2005 and that's about 5 years after PS2.

omodis4203579d ago

Just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it is not happening. They were working on PS3 probably a year to a year and a half before they debuted the specs at E3 2005.

E3 2005 the birth of Killzone 2 it makes me want to cry tears of joy.

Giriath3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Spend more money on R&D? These aren't really details, more like something anyone with a common sense of the industry and knowledge of the Sony mind-set can come up with. Continued use of the CELL and Blu-ray drive is obvious. There is no detailed information on a new GPU or RAM. The CELL is the only thing I imagine Sony are spending R&D money on right now, as they always will be until they or someone else develops another miracle-processor architecture.

And the CELL isn't just Sony's effort. Toshiba and IBM are co-workers in the development of it, as well.

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