The Last Remnant for PC Dated, Detailed In Japan

1UP: "The latest issue of Famitsu reveals the first concrete details for the PC version of The Last Remnant, to be released in Japan on April 9 for 8,190 Yen ($90 US)."

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Chris3993579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Think someone needs to clarify with Square-Enix the definition of "multi-platform".

Still no games for the PS3, not even PS1 legacy titles - we're headed into YEAR 3 NOW.

Money talks and BS walks, I guess.

Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant were disappointing anyhow, so maybe it's for the best. LR in particular needs more time in development.

(And yes, I played them both - ask me for my gamertag if you're a rabid fanboy.)

coolfool3579d ago

until they can confirm the technical hangups of the game have been resolved. I don't mind waiting as long as I am waiting FOR something.

SaiyanFury3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Yeah you gotta love how S-E defines "multi-platform". As you said, 3 years in and STILL no PS3 titles while other companies are starting to roll out amazing quality titles like Valkyria Chronicles, and no I'm not talking sales, I'm talking quality here. Companies like Konami are already releasing classic PS RPGs like Suikoden on the PSN, and big surprise, S-E is nowhere to be seen. I'm wondering if for some reason, down the line, the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII will mysteriously "disappear". I also have a 360 but I'm just not that interested in S-E games this time around for some reason. I'm planning on the PS3 version of FFXIII, that is, if it doesn't "disappear" for reasons unknown. I guess Yoichi Wada (prez of S-E) loves being in Microsoft's wallet.

Baba19063579d ago

i wanna be able to try them out at least..... pls give me a ps3 date.

Swarm3579d ago

Was this game any good anyways? I remember hearing about it having some major issues....