Infinite Bits Reviews Magic Ball for PSN: The Ball's in Your Court

After a series of three casual-player PC games, Tik Games has adapted the Magic Ball franchise for release on a major console with the recent Magic Ball downloadable title for the PSN. The game is an updated version of the classic brick-breaker games but with cool 3D backdrops and fun pirate and fairy tale motifs.

It's understandable that the PS3 game should be more difficult than the PC title considering the difference in audiences, but I think the developers overshot their target. This is a casual game -- and as a casual game player I found Magic Ball for PS3 to be fun but infuriating. The bottom line is that this game is too hard for its intended audience, but yet it's still a really fun and aesthetically pleasing take on a classic game. Combined with the high level of replayability and Trophies, it makes it a must-download for the more masochistic casual gamer. Unfortunately, it's a little harder to recommend to other people...

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paracardium3578d ago

My 4 year old son plays it and does actually really well.