Resident Evil 5's Kijuju site updated with video mixer, new video coming to XBLA soon?

Capcom has announced an update to the Resident Evil 5 Kijuju site.

The new update includes a new video mixer that enables gamers to create their own trailers using live action footage shot by director Marcus Nispel (known for his work on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th) and exclusive RE5 footage.

If you head over to the Resident Evil 5 Kijuju site at you can get an inside look at Resident Evil 5 with live-action viral videos and exclusive video and screenshots. You can also check out the Wall of Fame where users sharing viral videos are being made famous.

Last but not least, a post on Capcom's blog has announced that the next video is coming soon. The words "I heard Microsoft will have the password" seems to suggest that Resident Evil fans can expect this new video to land on Xbox Live soon so stay tuned.

Resident Evil 5 launches on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 13th of March.

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