Sony Game division posts 400 mill yen profit Q3

Sony has posted a small Q3 profit and its game division has also followed that trend from the latest figures released by Sony today. Of note, the PS3 shipped 4.46 million units in Q3, bringing the total of calendar year 2008 to 10.7 million.

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ultimolu3577d ago

B-But Sony doomsooorz! o(o-o)0

ActionBastard3577d ago

Of course they are! Just look at heir 9 lineup ;)

rucky3577d ago

T-T-They were suppose to bow out...

fishd3577d ago

PS3 outsold xbox 360 in 2008


now which one is the titanic?

ultimolu3577d ago

Yesh! o-0

But in all seriousness, good job for them.

L Ronald Hubbard3577d ago

Hurry! Fetch those 'PS3 is doomed' articles!

sonarus3577d ago

So whats the total sales for PS3 now?

sonarus3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

PS3 21.3 sold
360 28.5 sold


sorry for double post

lokiroo4203577d ago

WHat no box boy attacks on this article, chicken sh1ts!

The Lazy One3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

according to both companies financial reports, they sold negligibly similar

Calendar 2008 reported:


Q3 07 : 1.3
Q4 07 : 1.3
Q1 08 : 2.2
Q1 08 : 6.1

Total : 10.9


Q4 07 : 2.33
Q1 08 : 1.56
Q2 08 : 2.43
Q3 08 : 4.46

Total : 10.78

edit: before people jump on the quarters not aligning, M$ has a 1 quarter shift from Sony. M$ Q1 ends in September, Sony Q1 ends in June.

edit: whoever disagreed is retarded. Go find the numbers and add em yourself.

INehalemEXI3577d ago

that kept saying I can't wait for these #'s? You know who you are. Read em and weep.

GWAVE3577d ago

Hah. Wow. Sony beat the 360 two years in a row....which console is "teh doomed" now? I'm amazed that they beat the 360 in 2008 despite TWO price drops on behalf of the 360. Haters officially have no excuses now.

- "PS3 haz no gamez!" Dismissed
- "PS3 online sux!" Dismissed
- "Blu Ray will fail!" Dismissed
- "PS3 graphics are worse than 360!" Dismissed
- "PS3 exclusives are lower-rated than 360 exclusives!" Dismissed

And now, the final one:

- "Bu...bu...but the 360 outsells the PS3!"

Dismissed, ladies and gentlemen. Dismissed.

PoSTedUP3577d ago

sh*t wheres all the haters? its kinda quiet in here ya feel me lol.

Danja3577d ago

umm where is the 8 million lead again the 360 has..?

M$ would never lie about there figures now ..hmm

well you read here folks the PS3 is officially dead managed to outsell the 360's doomed for the rest of the generation Sony should just drop the PS3.....there games division is obviously not making profits because they haven't done desperate price cuts

3577d ago
soxfan20053577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

"Microsoft likes to dump a mass of extra consoles on retailers during the holidays and then put out press releases claiming their amazing 'sales'."
You, of course, have proof of that, right? And these "retailers", who are barely staying afloat during the recession, allow tons of extra stock to clog up their stores? Exactly which retailers are you referring to?
Please post a link to a reputable source that can verify your statement, because it seems pretty unbelievable to me.
You still didn't answer my question. What retailers do you know of that MS supposedly "dumped" product on? You brought it up.

3577d ago
Rampant3577d ago

Thought sonyboys were smarter than this.

4 million dollar profit in the most profitable quarter of the year is NOT ok. And, oh, Sony as a whole lost 3.5 billon dollars.


GWAVE3577d ago

@ Rampant

Oh Lord. 3 billion? What does that say about Microsoft's 8+ BILLION loss on the Xbox division alone?


Rampant3577d ago

I didn't support the xbox which lost most of that money. Microsoft is making money on the xbox360, I own an xbox360, why should I care how much the xbox lost them?

I just think it's a little ignorant to claim that Sony did a good job of virtually breaking even in the biggest quarter for electronic devices.

Chris3993577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

And they LOVE their MS:

MS has been "channel stuffing" for years. They also increase revenues by forcing retailers to take Windows software are engages in numerous anti-trust lawsuits and are pretty much one of the most unscrupulous companies in the world.

We'll know this to be the case if this year is almost exactly like 2007; where consoles sales in the first few quarters will be minimal, due to all the excess stock that retailers have.

Sure they are a decent competitor and made a nice system (when it works). But let's not glorify them or their practices.

GWAVE3577d ago

@ Rampant

I think it's equally ignorant not to congratulate the PS3 for outselling the 360 in 2008, even at a higher price point.

I think it's equally ignorant not to mention that Microsoft has been closing 1st-party studios and cutting loose 2nd-party studios while Sony continues to strengthen their 1st and 2nd-party lineup.

I think it's ignorant to turn to profit percentages and year-over-year increases to evaluate the success of a console. Don't tell me that 360 owners are going to change their tune AGAIN now that "the 360 sells more" isn't valid anymore. Will it be "the 360 has a higher profit margin percentage"? :^D

Rampant3577d ago

even though ps3 had a pricecut and a new model launch nov07 which helped them for the first 8 quarters until microsoft slashed the price of the 360 in the last 4 quarters.

The difference is that 360 sells for a gain and ps3 sells for a loss. Hence the ps3 is higher value than the 360, and it amazes me that it sells less when you can not only use it for playing games, but also for watching bluray movies. Remember when ps3boys said "Wait 'til christmas, first holiday where blu ray is the only next gen video storage solution". Well, that is true, and alot of ps3s are probably being used as a bluray player primarily.

How do I come to this conclusion? The PS3 doubled its installed base in '08, and had more high profile games than '07, yet software sales only increased by 50-60%??? If the ps3 had twice as many units in the busiest time of the year, shouldn't software sales increase at least 100% also, probably more because there were a lot of high profile games released for the year (LBP, Res 2, MGS4 etc).

Conclusion: PS3 might have kept up with 360 in '08, but many of the ps3s sold are being used as bluray players, and for sony that is bad because selling a system at a big loss means they have to make up for the loss in software sales. And the software sales just aren't keeping up.

Rampant3577d ago

So that is why every store here in sweden has a sale for ps3s and loads of ps3s stacked up in the storefronts, whereas you have to wait for new deliveries to get a 360 pro or Wii. Yeah, I'm not buying it :D

mint royale3577d ago

there is no humility on this site from EITHER side!

I will stay out of the needless scwabbles and just respond to the article. Well done sony, the figures aren't as bad as the leaked ones last week and the sales for the ps3 weren't disasterous at all considering the economy. However it is bad news that their most profitable console (the ps2) has had a 53% drop in sales, it must be on its way out. As for sales compared to the 360 it was ever so slightly behind but close enough to claim a draw for 2008, just like MS can for 2007.

And for those dumping on MS cos they were so much cheaper; when was the price cut? They weren't at this price throughout the year.

And for those that claim MS channel stuff - they did it once to meet a sales target in 2007 and consequently the first quarter of the following year they only shipped 0.6 million consoles as retailers already had enough of them. However this isn't a MS specific thing and Sony, nintendo, apple or whoever would do the same thing if they really need to.

So well done MS, Sony and especially nintendo for their christmas seasons.

JaggedSac3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

"Oh Lord. 3 billion? What does that say about Microsoft's 8+ BILLION loss on the Xbox division alone?


Yeah, but it took more than 1 friggen quarter to go down 8 billion. It has taken Sony 1 to lose 3.5 billion. That is insane. M$ made 4 billion in profit previous quarter on revenue of 16.2 billion.

And since when is PS2+PSP+PS3 = $4 million dollars profit a good thing? Something is dragging those numbers down, I will give you two guesses.

Also, perhaps we should take a look at the quarter before lasts results and compare.

mint royale3577d ago

neither side can brag about losses. MS have lost 6 billion since the entered the market and have only just turned profitable in the last 2 years - 6-7 years after entering the market!

And sony have lost all the ps2 profits since the ps3 was released. If you don't believe me check the past game division results. Since 1998 when the ps1 was in its pomp and sony started to separate its game division for financial figures, SOny has made a loss.

Quite spectacular when you consider Nintendo has made 12 billion+ profit since 2000. God knows what the other 2 are playing at.

Chris3993577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Didn't think so. Perhaps in YOUR region, what you stated may be the case. You represent what lies at the core of fanboy logic: an inability to see beyond your own perspective.

Fact: According to both MS and Sony's official figures, globally, they shipped/ sold relatively the same amount year over year - give or take 100K or so (and I really don't care who that small surplus belonged too). Re-read their press statements if you need further clarification.

Fact: MS has been channel stuffing for years, they do it with all their products. You asked for a link, and I provided you with one. I have both a 360 and a PS3. Aside from being on my second 360 and having disc-read errors (which I can sort of work around by installing games), I'm happy enough with both systems. I am not a shareholder in either MS or SNE.

I'm not going to continue this discussion, because you clearly live in a fantasy land. A magical place where logic and facts have no sway and global economics are governed by Sweden and Sweden alone.

P.S. Europe has all sorts of importing/ shipping restrictions. Perhaps SCEE is simply more adept at shipping within their region. There are a number of causes for the supply issue with the other systems that you mentioned. The reasonable thing would be to examine these shipping issues in detail (assuming they exist and are not fabrications of a hyper-active mind), find evidence to support your case and then present it in the form of an argument. "I don't buy it," really isn't a statement weighted with any thought or merit.

mint royale3577d ago

yes MS do channel stuff. But so do sony. They did it in last years Q3 and I think the same will occur this year. However sony do already have enough shipped to meet their targets for teh fiscal year with a poor next quarter (they need around 1.5 million shipped.)

prowiew3577d ago

Well. Today is sonys conference. Lets hear out what they have to say. I expect big job cuts. What do u think?

The Lazy One3577d ago

M$ can't channel stuff without demand for the channel stuffing. They can't just make people buy more consoles at their stores. They can give them better incentives, but regardless of the stuffing, someone bought the consoles. They can't just ship another 1 million consoles to people and send them a bill without them ordering it.

Demand for the 360 was overestimated that year by retailers just as much as microsoft, just like it was underestimated the next year with a shortage falling in january. And what Nintendo is doing by keeping their supply of wii's low to artificially inflate demand is just as bad if not worse, because they aren't allowing the retailers and consumers to make the decision to buy what they want right now.

Saigon3577d ago

good numbers...and the sad thing is that the fiscal year is not over that means they will be well passed their numbers by March...

NickIni3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I love it when fanboys pretend to understand business and profits, and defend it like rabid animals.

Pure comedy. Please don't stop.

king dong3577d ago

i did'nt realise there was so many sony investors on here...what's the share of the profits for you lot then?? it must be quite abit seeing how this thread has gone.

eagle213577d ago

How many times should I remind aaron green-turd to keep quiet?

Sony has the swagger! :)

soxfan20053577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Your comment about "not seeing the global marketplace" is interesting. What you are saying is that we should look at the big picture, not just a small sliver. In that regard, why are PS3 fanboys trumpeting just 2008 sales, while ignoring "lifetime" sales of PS3 vs. 360? Lifetime, 360 still leads by 6-8 million, depending on who you believe. (Don't give me the "6 million RROD double sales" line either. Software sales of AAA multi platform games are much higher on 360, which proves there are more 360's in homes than PS3's.)I know 360 released a year sooner, but it's not MS's fault that Sony didn't launch at the same time. Those sales still count. US PS3 fanboys who love to talk "worldwide" sales can't just suddenly narrow their views when it suits their views.

I know, I know, "the price cut" is coming. But, even if PS3 outsells 360 by 2 million a year, which is extremely optimistic, it will still take 3-4 years just to pull even. Plus, MS will cut prices again during that period as well, which will only increase 360 sales even more.

xwabbit3577d ago



Consoldtobots3577d ago

Id like to make a point to all my fellow PS3 owners out there. Don't be too harsh on the younger 360 fans. They are children and don't know any better. After children tend to get attaced to their first big toy. In time they will see that the PS3 is indeed the better console and make the switch with NO HESITATION. I know I have already seen it happen in some circles. Now here is the distinction, people like "The mart" "POG"
and the rest of the usual suspects are the ones that GET NO MERCY. They are clearly not children and have orchestrated a very relentless and ongoing smear campaign against sony and more specifically a product many of us have to come to love. Flame these turdnuggets all day I say.

Sarick3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

The whole issue isn't about just the PS3. Sony is earning from PS2, PSP and PS3 hardware and the online experience.

The 360 doesn't only earn revenue from console sales or game royalties. They also charge for Xbox live which forces people to pay for online gaming as a service.

Their next step is the new pay-as-you-go silver membership where if you choose to play online you'll be charged an hourly rate if you exceed the cost of a gold membership you'll be temperately upgraded to gold for that month. This way casual players can get online without a monthly subscription and it can lead to a full subscription fee.

This is also why 360 is surviving the heavy losses from RROD and the $199 price. The $199 isn't really a loss it's more that they aren't charging what they would if there was no competition. People who pay for the cheap 360 aren't finished paying because the $199 simply an outlet to gaming. To get the most out of that outlet you need a subscription and multiple hardware upgrades.

PSN, has a different approach where online is free but people have a choice to pay for extra personal content. You want to pimp yourself it cost money otherwise it's still accessible.

The PS3 & Blu-ray is also an outlet for online gaming but to the extent that it sales itself. Each helped get more consoles into the homes.

More then just the console sales make up for the profits and losses a simple how many units shipped doesn't mean everything. Look at the Atari E.T. game. So many of those where made that they ended up in dumps. The same go's for consoles. Stuffing the markets with units or manufacturing replacement units for defects doesn't mean profits. It's simple, just because unit ship doesn't mean they turn a profit.

uie4rhig3577d ago

sony must be lying!! coz microsoft says the lead was 8mil!! OMG!! sony are lying!! sony, i never knew you wud scoop to MS's level!!


seriously tho.. who said Sony was a Sinking ship? FAIL EPICLY TO WHOEVER WROTE THE ARTICLE!!!

callahan093577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

@ Rampant: Let me start by quoting you,
Thought sonyboys were smarter than this.
4 million dollar profit in the most profitable quarter of the year is NOT ok. And, oh, Sony as a whole lost 3.5 billon dollars."

Yeah, being one of the only profitable departments in a company that lost money overall is a terrible thing, isn't it? Surely Sony is going to want to leave the Videogame industry because of it!


callahan093577d ago

@ JaggedSac, starting with a quote from you:
"Yeah, but it took more than 1 friggen quarter to go down 8 billion. It has taken Sony 1 to lose 3.5 billion. That is insane. M$ made 4 billion in profit previous quarter on revenue of 16.2 billion."

Simple response: none of those figures have anything to do with either company's gaming divisions. Sony lost money this quarter, but Sony Computer Entertainment MADE money. Therefore, the gaming industry is good for Sony, so all these gaming-related Doom & Gloom arguments about Sony can just go to hell, they have no merit.

DaTruth3577d ago

Which company in the entire world didn't lose money last quarter? Answer no.1 Sony Computer Entertainment. It's practically a depression.

socomnick3555d ago

correct me if im wrong but, isn't 400 million yen only like 3 million us dollars. Isnt that like chump change for a corporation. :/ if 400 million yen is all that sony could profit then they are in deep trouble.

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TheColbertinator3577d ago

They should cut the PS2 price to 100 dollars and bundle it with Gran Turismo 4 to give it one last huge push

ultimolu3577d ago

That's a pretty good idea.

fishd3577d ago

Or make a wii type controller for PS2...

Helghast Slayer3577d ago

NOOOOO!!! SONY IS TEH DOOMEDZ!!! lol people think the ps3 is the only thing Sony has in it's arsenal. Why do you thing their called Sony Computer Entertainment? Neither they or the ps3 are going anywhere for a long [email protected] time so get used to it.

They are still the most successful video game makers in the history of computer games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3577d ago

Nice to see that Sony still makes money on the PS2 even if they are losing in all other areas :D

cmrbe3577d ago

Sony should do an ultimate PS2 bundle with top games from their first parties say top 5 games. This would be a fitting end to the greatest console in history of gaming.

Snake Raiser3577d ago

200 million PS2 shipped MOTHA FCKA!!!

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HS833577d ago

Can we say Sony is making.........A COME BACK!

Bathyj3577d ago

No, because they've never actually been in trouble.

INehalemEXI3577d ago

exactly, all those doom articles where pure comedy. Some just took them seriously and made it even more comical

lokiroo4203577d ago

Dont call it a come back because the kid was never down!

TheTwelve3577d ago

Don't call it a comeback...Sony's been doing this for years. I didn't expect the raw numbers to prove the h8ers wrong so soon, but I knew that they would come eventually.


prowiew3577d ago

Do you know what is 400million yen in dollars? Thats 4.4 million USD. MMM. Thats good for a small company. Personally I thank ps2 and psp. Probably thats were they are making lots of money.

DaTruth3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

That's good for any company in one of the worst quarters in financial history.

Do you people not know what's going on out there?

prowiew3577d ago

I just want to clear that out. Some people saw the 400 million and thought that was great. But when you make the conversion, 4 million doesnt sound so great.

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3577d ago Replies(5)
SupaPlaya3577d ago

not just from sales of PS3. Nonetheless, this is really good news for Sony as 2009 looks to be even better as far as games go.

Quick question for you guys: anyone seen any Killzone 2 advertisement yet? Isn't the game less than a month away?

HS833577d ago

I been seeing ads on and gamefaqs but thats about it. I hear thou the TV ones dont start until closer to release.

SupaPlaya3577d ago

my friend, as it will be totally unfair to Guerilla if Sony screw up on the marketing for this gem.

HS833577d ago

I agree! Killzone 2 is the flagship PS3 game in my opinion. It is what the PS3 can do when developers take the time to know how to truly make games on it.

arika3577d ago

i heard they are going to start the mega-advertisement of killzone 2 on superbowl. i know one thing for sure that sony knows that they have a winner in their hands and it would be foolish of them not to market the hell out of this guys don't worry about it.

SupaPlaya3577d ago

Sony's marketing team has finally passed Marketing 101...

Sarcasm3577d ago

"Sony's marketing team has finally passed Marketing 101... "

Not quite sure about that. They're still stuck in Marketing 105A. They'll finally get to Marketing 105B.

Not until I see a Helghast or Kratos mountain dew soda bottle, til they're marketing team passes 101.