Underwater Wars Screens

A new batch of screen shots and art work from Underwater Wars.

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Giriath3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Why is the player the only one not wearing an oxygen mask? It looks like GeoW with Fallout 3 graphics, or any other Unreal Engine title that isn't Epic's own GeoW. I'm not expecting much. GeoW and Uncharted are my favorite TPS franchises.

BTW, is that Nico Bellic behind the crates in screenshot 6?

Giriath3609d ago

Is that a "lol, your comment is pathetic." or "lol, that really is Nico Bellic!"? I hope it's the latter, as I like your comments and would hate for you to think bad of me.

Don't hate on me Steve, pwetty please~~? <3 Also, I want that VC sack girl, give it to me! >:|

PixlSheX3609d ago

lmao it's niko bellic!!

Cajun Chicken3609d ago

Just look down the right side, look at the screenshots in the gallery...

...How the HECK could this be on PSP?!? Screenshots of the actual PSP version would be more welcome and on the whole, less confusing.

Sasanova3609d ago

why do i see killzone 2 ripoff combined with a halo rip off

InMyOpinion3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Looks promising. Nice to see new third party games that I haven't heard of making their way to the 360. Would like to see some gameplay footage before I get too hyped about it though.