PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Graphics Gap Will Start To Widen of right NOW. Considering all the evidence, which includes developer information, the history of PlayStation consoles, and the current slate of upcoming PS3 exclusives, it seems clear: from here on out, the PS3 will widen the visual gap in comparison to the Xbox 360.

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TheHater3606d ago

I think the article you read "PS3 exclusives will widen the visual gap in comparison to the Xbox 360"

WE all know that games that are both the xbox 360 and PS3 are almost identical

jwatt3606d ago

Yea there's still going to be some developers that struggle with the ps3 especially the ones that touches the ps3 for the first time.

TheHater3606d ago

also some developers that been developing on the system for 3 years now are still having trouble. Developers such as EA.

3606d ago
Why dis3606d ago

It sucks you people repeat this every year and each time few months later you go hide when your claims are shattered.

Elvfam5113606d ago

is that you when pp stops talking to you

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Kushan3606d ago


> The huge number of 360 owners who are stuck with crappy old 480i TVs

What, and PS3 owners are all rich and have HD TVs? I mean, aside from the fact that I've yet to see a genuine graphical comparison between the two consoles that wasn't taken directly from a HDMI feed (at both 720p and 1080p resolutions, like what Eurogamer does), that comment is possibly the most absurd thing I've read on N4G - and that's saying something. How elitist are you, really? And what percentage of console owners do you think even own a HD TV? It's catching on, but it's not the majority just yet, but more to the point - why is it relevant?

> Xbox fans at sites like gametrailers playing stupid games with gaming footage and screenshots.

Ok, the rest of this particular part of your comment is actually somewhat fair - GT has been caught out plenty of times and they deserve the flak for it (I'm not saying the results of their comparisons were wrong, rather their antics completely undermined the point, be it true or false). However, this line I've highlighted, is it a mistake? "Playing games with gaming footage and screenshots"? How else are you going to do a graphical comparison?

> People going to crappy sites like beyond3d and filling their head with garbage from x86 Windows gamers/programmers

Game programming is game programming. The architecture might be different, but the rules and techniques are the same none the less. What, you think since the PS3 came out, Sony and co had to invent an entirely new way to make games? No. Ok, so the CELL architecture is quite unlike x86, but that doesn't mean that the rules of multi-threading are any different. Not that it even matters, most developers will be using APIs and SDKs that abstract most of this anyway, so all they really have to worry about is where their threads are going and such. It's all very technical, but the point is, an "expert" at making games on a Windows computer will have exceptionally good insight into making games in general, and yes - that applies to the PS3 as well.

> And of course the disfunctional gaming media who desperately wanted to tell the story of 'teh PS3 didn't live up to teh Sony hype' BS

Unfortunately, this is true. However, don't make it sound like Sony are the only ones getting picked on here. The 360 gets it's fair share of bad press (hey look at this very article), people just love a good controversy and anything that'll get hits. The reality is there is actually plenty of room in this industry for the 360, the PS3, the Wii and a whole bunch of "last-gen" consoles. Nothing's failing, nothing's going away any time soon.


I swear its comments like these that makes me want to go get a gun and shoot mfkers in the head .

Did you play god of war 2 , metal gear subsistence . what a fkn moron...I said it he is a fkn moron ..Yeah stick with the wii and the fartbox....

soxfan20053606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"Dysfunctional media"? Yeah, who could be more objective than a site called PSXEXTREME?

In other news, 360EXTREME reports that the 360 produces graphics identical to PS3.

darkdoom30003606d ago

You dont have to be rich to own a HD TV. 32" 720p's are only around 800 NZD (same price as a 40gb ps3)

Luckly i managed to snag a 42" 1080p for only 2000 NZD , last day of the specials. (most 42" 1080p are around 2500 - 3000$) and it looks beautiful. After my first Ps3 died, i had to go without a HD signal for 2 weeks. When i got it back I set it up to 1080p and WOW. huge diffrence. now its gone back to normal. im used to it.

Kushan3606d ago

darkdoom3000, I know what you're saying, but the other guy was implying that 360 owners didn't have a HD TV for one reason or another. The only possible correlation would be that 360's are "cheap" so the owners must be just as cheap and that's why they only have SD TVs. It doesn't make sense to me, either, but that's exactly what he was implying.
Of course, $400USD is actually quite considerable for a a large amount of people, I wouldn't consider it "cheap", that's for sure.

3606d ago
heroicjanitor3606d ago

This is only the second full year for the ps3 so please spread your garbage somewhere else

N4360G3606d ago

There's no doubt about that,just look at Killzone 2!!

Doctor_Doom3606d ago

"Old 480 rez DVD movies and games were 720p and less"


believe it or not , most of the PS3 games are native 720P and the same goes with the 360. If you want to have a higher resolution then go with the PC


You have to many bubbles open zone is that way >>>

Blademask3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Uncharted - More technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Warhawk - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Gran Turismo Demo - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
MGS4 -More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360
Killzone2 More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Wipeout HD - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Motorstorm 2 - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Ratchet & Clank - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.
Little Big Plante - More Technically advanced than anything running on the 360.

Anyone care to debate it? Feel free to bring your videos/screenshots. If not, suckle on your sales PDFs, cuz thats all you're going to be playing this generation. That and Unreal-Bloom-Engine game #4235235. All you guys can ever say, and I do mean SAY(cuz ya sure as hell cant show anything), is that the 360's gpu is advanced, ignoring that the SPU does GPU tasks, which is fine. Yes the 360 is so amazing it runs Bully(A ps2 game) at 3fps.. "BUH BUH THATS JUST A BAD PORT" Exactly dumbas$es, exactly. So lets just let the gameplay videos/screenshots do the talking.

I'm waiting.

Hell $500 dollars if you can name a 360 exclusive, that doesn't run on the Unreal engine, thats Not also on the PC, thats technically superior to anything I just named. I'll buy you a new jasper 360 that will die a bit later. Although, you might just be watching movies until you get some news about a new 4x2pixel image of some developers desk for alan wake, so.. you might not rrod. Its funny how PS3 owners have the games & movies, and now the 360 fans just have the movies and branches to try to grasp onto. I predict many

"Buh buh wait till Splinter Cell!"
"Buh buh.. kz2 took sooo long to make we cant come up w.. Oh wait alan wake is taking longer"
"Buh buh.. 640p.."
"buh buh banjo kazooie"
"buh buh lost odys.."
"Buh buh ninja gaiden 2.. buh.."
"buh buh loading hallways.. buh"
"Buh buh... gears... cant.. stream..lo..a.d..and glitch..buh buh.."
"Buh buh.. Forza.. if you squint your eyes.. buh.. buh.."
"buh buh.. braid."
"Buh buh RE5 looks buh buh better thanbuh buh kz2.." - this one is real I've seen it here.

The only time a 360 game looks better than a PS3 game is when the developer doesn't know what they are doign with the PS3.**see bully on the 360**. definitely something to brag about folks. That and when the PS3 is off. Then all 360 games shine. I mean literally, the unreal engine love specularity.

I will take all disagrees as "BUH BUH.. shucks :( I've got nothin" Ill be waiting here a while till Duke Nuke..errr Alan Wake shows its multiplatform face, and shockingly.. it doesn't look better than Hl2 after 93 years. Maybe the next trailer will have facial animation and show gameplay? Might buy it then.

And before anyone decides to go "BUH BUH GAMEPLAY IS MORE IMPORTANT" its ALWAYS more important than graphics, just dont go pretending the 360 can render Drakes Tshirt, when it cant. Again, when graphics is the subject, 360 fans should just ignore and move on. Wait for MS to spend 30 million on advertising then show up to celebrate that a game with tennis shoes has sold more than one without, Or celebrate that the 360 costs lest than the PS3 for the 12th month in a row! Thats pretty much the only gloating that I should ever hear from your mouth.

Bloodwar3605d ago

I bought a video card for my computer that allows me to connect my monitor and 42 inch LCD 1080p television. I play the likes of Age of Conan, Empire Earth III, and even Crysis on 42 inch glory. My 360 still gets substantial play time, but less now that it shares the same viewing space as my PC. The 22 inch monitor doesn't get much use anymore unless I am playing games that allow multiple monitors in game.

tee_bag2423605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

At best the systems have displayed similar peaks in graphics (at the moment) - And thats a stretch. I have both systems and most games. However when i play games like Gran Turismo, Drakes, Wipeout or MGS4 its pretty clear to me that PS3 has already displayed a better range of "GOOD GRAPHICS" . And now... games such as Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain are coming out of the woodwork. Its pretty obvious. PS3 evidently has alot more to offer future-wise (graphically atleast).
At the moment i'd say the best graphics i'v seen would come from Gran Turismo then Drakes. MGS4 gets best and fairest - presentation and style go A LONG way

rockleex3605d ago

Wow, you've been OWNING almost every article you commented on these past few days. :D

farhsa20083605d ago

well on february 27th, you are gonna find out how big the changes in graphics are.

stevenhiggster3605d ago

Bubbles to you good sir, that made me laugh.
"buh buh..."

And here's one to make us all laugh, my friend just lost his 4TH yes thats right 4TH Xbox360 to RROD. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

y0haN3605d ago


Thanks for that, I can't stop laughing.

Marceles3605d ago

"Yes the 360 is so amazing it runs Bully(A ps2 game) at 3fps.. "BUH BUH THATS JUST A BAD PORT" Exactly dumbas$es, exactly."

"I'll buy you a new jasper 360 that will die a bit later."

lol @ a bit

"That and when the PS3 is off. Then all 360 games shine. I mean literally, the unreal engine love specularity."


"Ill be waiting here a while till Duke Nuke..errr Alan Wake shows its multiplatform face, and shockingly.. it doesn't look better than Hl2 after 93 years."

"just dont go pretending the 360 can render Drakes Tshirt, when it cant."

thats_just_prime3605d ago

Its 2009 and we are goin into the 3rd year of "next gen" gaming. For the pass 2 years the 360 has been graphically superior to the ps3. KZ2 is about to come out and this is the 1st game to really changelle the 360. However Alan wake should be coming out this year to and this look to have the best graphics of any 360 game. So I hate to break it to all the fanboys but both the 360 and the ps3 are making better and better looking games. Secondly even if the ps3 does surpass the 360 from here on out in graphics. It still lost for 1st half of console war. The new systems will be out in 2011 or 2012 either way we are already abou half way through this gen. Yes the ps3 and 360 will still be around for sometime after the new systems comes out but is anyone really goin to care ? We'll be fighting about does the ps4 or the xbox 720 have better graphics by then

Solid_Skip3605d ago

in game chat and in game invites when kz 2 came out i think the xbox would be done. oh yea dont forget ps3 needs to advertise this and its games more too.

GrammarPolice3605d ago

That was definitely worth an "Agree."

Jinxstar3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

@ Thats just Prime

Whatever helps you sleep better at night man. Heavenly sword still looks better then any game on the 360 imo. Not to mention uncharted or MGS4...

3605d ago
Torch3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

My God, what the Hell are you smoking???

Sorry, but you leave me no choice:

Nathan Drake wears a SWEATER, not a T-shirt!!!...that's TWO whole sleeves the graphic's engine's gotta render, bub! Next time, please THINK before you shoot your mouth off.

Err, oh for all the rest of what you said:

Spectacular, spot-on, passionate, entertaining and definitely bubble-worthy.



all of you that stole my bubbles, go jump off a bridge. the 360 is dead

JsonHenry3605d ago

I don't care about the graphical divide (if it ever shows up) I WANT A BETTER ONLINE SERVICE SONY!!!!!

shovelbum3605d ago

It will start eventually but not until the majority of developers take the time and make the effort to use the PS3 to its potential. Until that happens multiplatform titles are going to continue to look nearly identical and in many cases slightly better on the 360. We'll see 2-3 exclusive titles in 2009 that look as good as KZ2 but the remaining titles are going to continue to be unimpressive when compared to that title and sadly that likely won't change anytime soon.

xwabbit3605d ago

LMAO Blademask!, very nice. Bubbles for you sir and ill be tracking you from now on :P

xwabbit3605d ago

U clearly dk anything when it comes to sales lol. PS3 is selling more units than xbox did in its time frame. Sony even said that they passed the goal they had for hardware sales. Its doing better and its double the price. PS3 is doing great, even with all the negative media they still doing it. PS3 was selling more than xbox till M$ did what ? LOWERED their 360 price to 200 and even with that it only stayed selling a few more not A LOT like they though. They though they would be selling like W!!'s but what happened ? yeah it didn't. Don't you think its embarrassing for a company to be selling a product twice as cheap and it isn't even selling more units than the competition ? A product twice the price and is still competing with it, if that's bad than dam i dk whats right. Its time to leave the fan boy club (which I'm not saying ur in it) but to every 1 and see the reality.

joevfx3605d ago

they are identical because if a company is makign a multiplat game they are NOT gonan make one system look better then the other even if they could. they want them to both look identical. this article is more speaking about exclusives looking better on the PS3.

Torch3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

"...if a company is makign a multiplat game they are NOT gonan make one system look better then the other even if they could."

Not necessarily.

Look at when programmers were making the same games for different computer systems years ago, such as the then-monochromatic PC, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Amiga, Macintosh, etc, where each version demonstrated vast technological differences from one another.

Same goes for older consoles: Playing Donkey Kong on the Atari 2600 was a far cry from the relatively true-to-arcade game experience the ColecoVision verion would give you.

Now if you're talking about streamlining production among versions for economical (cost-saving) reasons, then that's another story.

But if the premium shoe fits, why not wear it when time and budget allows?...even if the two consoles are in direct competition with each other.

This is probably why first-party exclusives really are THAT much better; developers are focusing upon a single technology, without having to be concerned about optimizing and streamlining so that they can shoehorn the damn thing into the confines of a completely different technology.

And it's by means of these first-party exclusives (and arguably cross-platform, to some degree), where the PS3 has undeniably demonstrated to me that the console really is in a class of it's own, whereas I find the XBox 360 to be nothing more than a sheep in wolf's clothing...All smoke and no fire, as we Italians say (heh, heh...that's no pun intended!)

Sure, I've seen some "purdy" and initially-impressive content spit out by the 360...until I fire up the same game on my PC in true 1080P, that is. (refer to my initial point). And while the PS3 by no means has the versatility of today's PC's, there sure is a lot of already-proven - and untapped - goodness under that shiny black hood.

The myriad of recent "Crysis vs. Killzone 2" comparisions that have been surfacing speaks volumes and says a lot about the PS3's capabilities, even if it (arguably) doesn't graphically match up to the PC comparison.

I apologize for taking you on the scenic route to my long-winded point, but all I'm saying is that, as time passes, and developers' technological learning curve, and time & budget allow, I reckon that you WILL be seeing exceedingly vast differences between PS3 and 360 versions of the same games, as Sony machine pulls further and further ahead.

It's already starting to happen.

Aquanox3605d ago

Xbox 360:

All games upscaled to 1080p without losing performance. (Ps3 doesn't)
99% of multiplatform games run and look as good or better on Xbox 360.
Technically excellent games take 2 years, 3 at most to be developed for the System. More than 4 years is the average for PS3 (MGS4, GT5, FFXIII, KZ2)
All games can be installed on the hard drive, improving loading times performance.

In other news though, a website named "" states exactly the opposite. Who would've thought!

Ju3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

> All games upscaled to 1080p without losing performance. (Ps3 doesn't)

Like every 1080p TV does now a days. LOL.


What's the difference:

|GPU:scaler|-----wire-----||T V|


|GPU||-----wire----||scaler:T V|

Answer: Nothing.

AriesFury3605d ago

You can tell that the 360 graphics on most mutliplatform games a better than the PS3. Then the PC's graphics blow away the 360's and PS3's.

I think that if developers start out with the PS3 then port it to the 360 you will see how good the PS3 graphics really are.

thats_just_prime3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Jinxstar congratz you just proved you are idiot fanboy 438534953294 on this site HS graphics are a joke, uncharted cant even reneder 1/10 of what is going on in gear let alone gow2. MGS4 looks like it was on the 2600 its the worse game I've ever played in my life

hades073605d ago

While your comment is funny, what is the point of all of the bickering on this website. Starting to feel like most people who comment here definitely do not have a life, if you did you would not waste your time writing out all of that. Each person has there preferences and you saying this and that is not going to change what someone thinks. Im a 360 owner, it rrod'd once, and yes the ps3 when the developers take their time has better graphics, but no one on this site is going to convince me to buy a ps3 because all of my friends have 360's and playing online with them is the most fun I have ever had on a gaming system.

pain777pas3605d ago

The PS3 first party titles will continue to increase graphically the rest of the industry.........will keep games looking the same on both consoles.

dagger573313605d ago

While I don't necessarily disagree...if you (really anyone) could just answer me this:

why does it matter? not to mention the powerful competition of the PS3 and 360 against each other are what makes such ridiculously awesome games and lower prices for you guys. If anything you should hope the 360 does even better so that the PS3 has to pick up its game. It could ONLY benefit you.

honestly, who gives a s**t which system can output better graphics for whatever reason. I own all three of the systems and I like them all; is there something wrong with that? Why should I be an anomaly. People get so worked up about this stuff. I literally click on comments on N4G to laugh at how much people care sometimes if I'm in a bad mood.

Personally, I think I like the Xbox 360 more, but it's really only because most of my friends own one and it's more convenient for online stuff with them. The PS3's high price point in the past and still somewhat currently plus the lack of games they are particularly interested in sort of drove them away. In reality; however, I've been watching titles like KillZone2 with a lot of excitement so don't try to call me partisan : )

hades073605d ago

Totally agree and bubbles for you dagger

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sonarus3606d ago

How many times have we heard this before now

buy a ps33606d ago

well its already started. and it well continue and you know it.

RememberThe3573606d ago

We are seeing a gap, but only with exclusives.

Danja3606d ago

expect some random blog site to make a video comparison showing that both consoles are still equal..

StayHigh3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Its been happening just look at games right now and in the future for the PS3.. Such as Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Resistance 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo P, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank TOD, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet, WarHawk, Heavy Rain, War Devil, God of War 3, MAG, New TEAM ICO game.. All these games proves the PS3 have the best graphics and innovative games!! Also Sony got games that isn't even announce yet because they have the biggest first party excllusive games lineup..I hope Jaffe is making a new Twisted Metal games it be insane!

Nicolator3605d ago

i am tired of these articles.. that we have heard a billion times.

*goes bk to sleep*

stevenhiggster3605d ago

@ 2.3 Yes clever clogs thats cause multiplatform games have to be able to run on the 360 too, so they will only be as good as the weakest link.

@ 2.6 It's funny how your saying that now but you weren't saying that when reading the eleventyzillionth PS3 is doomed article.

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Cajun Chicken3606d ago

Uncharted proved PS3 could stand up to the 360 3 years into the 360's lifecycle, other PS3 games HAVE and WILL surpass it.
But the PS3 will never beat the PC. But hey, does any console?

Why dis3606d ago

You think KZ2 is the only game that has been in developemnt for 4 or 5 years? lol.

Uncharted didn't prove sh*t.

TheHater3606d ago

Uncharted is still the best looking game to me. That will change when Killzone 2 is release.

Why dis3606d ago

Uncharted being the best looking game is your opinion to me it looks like sh*t in ways.

Cajun Chicken3606d ago

Did I say KZ2? No. But it looks good.

Say, wasn't Halo3 in dev for 4 years?
Wow, that game looked incredible compared to the last one on XBOX. Not.

TheHater3606d ago

Since Uncharted look like Sh!t in your opinion. Can you post a game from the xbox 360 that look better that is out?

Cajun Chicken3606d ago

...That had a specially inhouse developed engine that wasn't middleware that everyone could easily achieve the standards of?

NegativeCreep4273606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Why Dis is just another completely F*cked up delusional MS butt-buddie that try to take comfort in the thoughts that the PS3 is really inferior technology and Killzone 2 looks like crap.

We know its not true but those Xbot idiots are just like Nazis; They are going to stick with and believe all their bullsh!t no matter what anybody says and no matter what logic tells them.

If he thinks Uncharted looks like crap, then he must be grossed out by women like Megan Fox and Jenna Haze and must be totally infatuated with fat fugly b!tches like Rosie O' Donnell.

Xbots like in their own alternate world.

ultimolu3606d ago

Guys...don't waste time with Why dis...a.k.a PoG.

Seriously, don't.

Nobody can pull off those thick fanboy goggles, trust me.

Traveler3606d ago


Uncharted is still the best looking game to me as well. A few other games come close--MGS4 and Gears 2 in particular--but Uncharted is still the best looking game CURRENTLY available on consoles.

No other game has the combination of graphical qualities that Uncharted does. MGS4 has the nice HDR real-time lighting engine, but its textures aren't as good. Gears 2 has nice textures similar to Uncharted, but completely lacks a HDR real-time lighting engine.

Uncharted also has some of the best looking water and foliage ever rendered in a console game, not to mention awesome special effects like depth of field and motion blur. So as I said, no other game on consoles is the technical equal of Uncharted.

If someone wants to argue artistic merits, well, that is a different story. But in terms of technical criteria, there is no doubt that Uncharted currently sits at the top of the heap.

At least until Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 arrive on the scene. ;)

TheHater3606d ago

The developers were actually disappointed in the water effect in Uncharted. It was in an interview in which they stated that they could have done a lot better job with the water. With that being said, I can't wait to see how water is going to look in Uncharted 2 if it reach their standard of water effect

Cajun Chicken3606d ago

If theres ONE thing I noticed in Resistance 2...did anyone notice when you went in the water in the later levels in the marsh?
That had some great ripple effects in perfect timing to moving Nathan.
I spent 2 minutes or so just treading over it to see how the water reacted in different directions and speeds. Did anybody else notice that?

ND should build that OVER Uncharted's already existing water physics.

Traveler3606d ago


Well, I was very impressed by the water in Uncharted and if ND think they can do better, then WOW, I would love to see what they come up with for Uncharted 2. But still, the water in Uncharted was some of the best I have ever seen.

N4360G3606d ago

Power Of Green..err Why dis,you seriously need to wipe the sh*t off your glasses if Uncharted didn't impress you!!

Doctor_Doom3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"Can you post a game from the xbox 360 that look better that is out? "

I think Call of Juarez beats uncharted in terms of Graphics and Texture

dirtrider3606d ago

and NOONE can pull that cheeseburger out of your mouth! do the world a favor, and sign your ass up for jenny craig/nutri-system! if you'd lose some weight 'global warming' wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Hallucinate3606d ago

doesnt look if someone can post some offscreen shots of uncharted then we can compare

Cajun Chicken3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

And that everything in the game that looks like it should react a certain way, animates accordingly. Nathan's shirt when wet slowly dries out when out of the water whilst the game is multitasking and doing ALL of this at exactly the same time.

That is all.