Mandatory install confirmed for Yakuza 3

Kazuma Kiryu returns to clean out Japan's criminal underground in Yakuza 3, but not before a lengthy 5GB install.

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sonarus3582d ago

I don't mind install if the game is worth it. In this case just bring the game to the west and i'll install it all you want sega:D

Doppy3582d ago

DID you see it's release date. Feb. 27th. Killzone 2 comes out then too. That week is going to move a ton of PlayStation software and hardware in all regions. Killzone 2 for States and Europe, and Yakuza 3 for Japan.

SaiyanFury3582d ago

Just bring the damned game over here, SEGA! As for the install, I don't care, I just installed a new 500GB HDD, so what's 5GB?

Danja3582d ago

same here got a 500GB in my PS3 all I want is this game to be released in the west...sometime really soon .XD

tee_bag2423582d ago

Give us some English Sega!

Man_of_the_year3582d ago

Crap another mandatory install - my harddrive is filling up fast. I may have to spend more money on my PS3 for a larger harddrive - how much did ALL you guys spend on your new harddrive and what size did you get? Just so i have an idea of exactly how big my harddrive will have to be so that i won't have to worry about running out of space for all these Mandatory Installs...

Thanks in advance guys....

gaffyh3582d ago

Don't care about installs, even if it was optional I'd probably still opt for the install.

SaiyanFury3582d ago

@Man of the Year

If you live in the US you can go to and spend about 100 dollars on a 500GB HDD. Well worth the money if you have it.

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Liquid Snake3582d ago

I don't care I got a 320 gig HD. For this, PSN games, DLC and PlayTV.

barom3582d ago

Heck I'll erase my whole 60gb hard drive if that's what it took to play this game. PLEASE SEGA! BRING ME YAKUZA 3!!!

Sanbert3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

This is interesting, because Sony fanboys complain about MS charging extra for the Wifi addon, and such. However, they are more than happy to shell out more money for an extra HDD, thus making the PS3 even more expensive. Seems like a double standard to me.

Also, these mandatory installs are a joke. It's just further proof that Sony cared more about adding BluRay, and using their fanbase as pawns to win the HD Format war, than the actual decrease in game performance that BluRay has.

Oner3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

@ Sanbert ~ What about a 20gb 360 owner having to upgrade to a 120gb HD @ $125+ a few months ago to be able to utilize the new NXE update properly (installs)? Especially seeing they are an early adopter who has a MUCH higher chance of failure because of more usage on the Laser, additional heat caused by the laser which can ultimately affect the GPU and possibly promote/increase "you know what"? Why didn't you talk about that?

Also why/how is it SONY'S fault a dev isn't coding their game properly? Look at R1, R2, Uncharted, Haze, COD4, COD5 & even Killzone 2 how they have NO load time issues or installs. So again I ask, how is it Sony's fault when it is evident that installs are not "mandatory" by Sony, but by the DEVS themselves?

Plus, what is the big deal anyway? If something like an install is implemented into a game wouldn't that be a good thing as it lowers wear & tear on the Laser and helps decrease other factors like pop-in (GTA4/Mass Effect on 360 ring a bell) and such?

barom3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Not the same. As there are ways around the hard drive. You can always delete a game's installed content. Thus freeing up space and you can have room for more. You don't HAVE to buy a new hard drive. It might be annoying sure but you do NOT have to buy a hard drive. And technically a 80gb drive is actually plenty as only around 10-20 (if that) titles have mandatory installs. Plus you can use the hard drive for so much more as it's just a regular laptop hard drive. And it's not like you're old one vanishes in thin air. In essence you're buying an accessory not a service.

Xbox Live is different in that aspect as you HAVE to pay 50$ a year. There's no way around it unless you can somehow find those cards for free. While you can say paying for XLive is also optional. The difference is that online is a part of the games and even a part of X360. You do not get the full experience and most out of your money without Live. Some games are even Online-Only (Shadowgrounds I think it was), and that technically requires Live. On top of that, if you're gonna play an MMO. You'll be paying for TWO subscriptions. One for Live and one for MMO. See the difference? If you don't pay for Live you only get half the experience, even with the console itself as you'll be missing out on stuff like Netflix, video chat, voice chat and just in general the stuff that's suppose to make X360 stand out.

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ActionBastard3582d ago

Really, how many of us care? Just release it in the States. Please Sega, I'm begging.

TheHater3582d ago

Please release this game in the States.

TheColbertinator3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Not surprised about the installation.Yakuza 3 will be huge in size.An open world game using a killer graphics engine

ravinshield3582d ago

oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK......5.0 GB required, 10 min mandatory install
Vampire Rain....3.8GB install required
Fracture...1900MB required=4 minutes
little big planet....600MB Install required
Socom Confrontation... 3.1GB Install required
Far Cry II....3.5 gb install required
NBA 09 The Inside....2.5gb required
Resistance 2...350mb required
Killzone 2...stupid players required
Yakuza 3...5GB install required

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