Bethesda planning new game using another firm's IP

Bethesda talks making a new game using another developer's IP, plus other company plans for 2009 and beyond.

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TheHater3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I wouldn't be surprise if PS3 owners get the red headed step-child treatment again from them again. If that they case, then I will not purchase their games.

chanto233582d ago

i read Dead Rising 2 will have extra content for the 360, same with Lost Planet 2...

This "special content exclusivity" is annoying me. If you buy a product from a company , you should be able to enjoy the full experience no matter the system you get the game for. If you want to be exclusive, then do it with the whole game but don't fvck gamers that spend their hard earned money on an "incomplete" product.

TheHater3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Yeah I read that and I could care less. I am not a fan of either of those games. Unless the make some improvement in the gameplay for both of those games, then I really don't give a sh!t

Why dis3582d ago

"We're finally putting out new Dead Rising and Lost Planet games! As a main principle we're thinking about multi-platform and about slightly expanding upon the Xbox 360 version."

They didn't confirm that the 360 will get extra content everything they said is something they're thinking about.

Megaton3582d ago

@1.1 - Agreed, all or nothing. I don't want half a game simply because I own a specific console. Don't play favorites with your fans, we all love the game, we should all have access to the same amount of content, no matter which version we buy.

Sarcasm3582d ago

"Bethesda planning new game using another pole to rape PS3 owners"

BrianC62343582d ago

I'm with you. I'll at least wait before buying anything from them to see if the PS3 gets equal treatment.

pippoppow3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

The practice of exclusive DLC for multplatform titles should be shunned. The only thing that will make them change is if people stopped supporting them. Money talks loudly and when these Devs see profits dwindling they will change their tune. Gamers just need to stop being so weak.

InMyOpinion3582d ago

I mean if you are that into multiplat games you should have gotten one by now since most multiplat games not only tend to get exclusive content, but also perform better on the 360.

Why dis3582d ago

Who dissagreed with me?

You have to do your research before you buy what PS3 fans talk about.

rockleex3582d ago

For another console just to play multiplat games that we can already get on the PS3?

So is that why you have a 360 and not a PS3? For the multiplats? Ahah, not even for the exclusives. Well I guess, since there's no such thing as 360 exclusives. Most "360 exclusives" are actually released on the PC also.

So why DO you have a 360? 360 multiplats AND exclusives perform MUCH better on PC without a yearly fee to play online.

Anyways, we're talking about supporting developers that deserve it... not about getting the better version of a game. If we simply wanted the better version, the PC would be it.

No matter which system you play, you should never support a developer that doesn't support your system.

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Charmers3582d ago

Guess it wasn't enough that they butchered the PC franchise called Fallout. They have yearnings to butcher a few more PC franchises before they are done.

Halochampian3582d ago


They were the ones that brought it alive.

LeonSKennedy4Life3582d ago

It's not quite as deep or intricately designed as Fallout 1 or 2...but it's still an amazing game.

NaiNaiNai3582d ago

lmfao i never heard of fallout till this one. so if they bring some other pc games that i don't know and makes them good, fine with me. if your a fanboy to bad for you. but i dont care, better games for me.

Tony P3582d ago

Fallout 1 and 2 are great games regardless.

Beth did a good job of bringing the series back into the spotlight across consoles for (I assume) newer or non-PC gamers like yourself to enjoy.

I do resent some changes made between F2 and F3, but I think we still got a great game in the end.

duplissi3582d ago


well i loved it and it has introduced me to fallout and now im gonna play 1 and 2, and that cant be a bad thing

Swarm3582d ago

If you were a hardcore fan of 1 and 2 then 3 probably left a sour taste in your mouth. Personally I like 1 and 2 more then 3 simply because 3 seems to try to do what they did, but never quite makes it leaving some half-baked ideas. I don't hate 3, and enjoyed my time with it though but I'm far more likely to go back and replay 2 again.

Also if you liked Fallout 3 and Fallout 2 is well worth the $5 and playtime. Graphics may not have aged well but the story is timeless.

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sloth33953582d ago

I wont be getting the game even if they make it the same for the PS3 with how many bugs that were in fallout with it freezing when people come online to the whole game itself just locking up

TheHater3582d ago

yeah, I had fallout froze one me several time in they last week. Burnout and Fallout 3 is the two games I am playing right now. I play LBP and Resistance once in a while, but my main focus is finishing up those two games before heading back to Resistance and LBP

Infinite-Ammo3582d ago

There has been an update since then though which has stopped the freezing and lockups.

Tidus113582d ago

Well I have the PS3 version of Fallout 3 and I played through it without experiencing anything major. My respect just went up for Bethesda after reading their comment, " We are only going to make games that will average reviews above 80%." Lately some developers *Cough* Square Enix *Cough* have just been relying on their brand name to sell games and push out a crappy product. Developers should take pride in their games.

Droid Control3582d ago

Yes please!

Also, i'd love to see Bethsda take on KOTOR 3 with a First person view and real time combat!


TheColbertinator3582d ago

That sounds like a great idea

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