Resident Evil 5 Needs To Be More Like Dead Space

Patrick Klepek of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"When word broke that Capcom was incorporating a "Gears of War"-style control scheme into "Resident Evil 5," gamers rejoiced, but this week's "RE5? demo proves implementing only part of that system isn't enough; you need to go all the way, something "Dead Space" did and "RE5? doesn't."

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Carbide73579d ago

No game needs to be like another, they need to be unique, different, themselves. Just like people.

GWAVE3579d ago

If that's the case, then RE5 needs to be LESS like RE4. The game is basically RE4 with a fresh coat of paint and that's it. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but Dead Space was a true step forward in the 3rd-person genre and the survival-horror genre. The RE series could learn some things from Dead Space.

I'm actually surprised at some journalists defending RE5 (based on the demo) when these same journalists will tear into other games for similar issues like their control schemes or animations. In "Game #828" a crappy control scheme earns the game demerits. In RE5, a crappy control scheme is supposedly "being true to the series". Oh please...

Aclay3579d ago

^^ I agree that no game should be like any other, but I think Capcom should at least have 2 different control schemes in the game to allow players to choose from: The classic RE control scheme (stop and shoot) or a revamped control scheme which allows moving and shooting at the same time because that way both fans and newcomers of the franchise won't have a problem getting into the game.

The standard now-a-days is being able to move and shoot and that's just what most people are used to now... I just hope the controls in the game don't turn off too many people from it.

ActionBastard3579d ago

I agree, but I wonder what RE5 would play like if you copy/paste Dead Space's control (in movement/shooting that is). Would it really change RE for the worse? Look at the amount of enemies they throw at you. I'm not saying run and gun and like Dante and turn it into something completely different, but make it a masterpiece on all ends, controls included. This IS Resident Evil. I'm content with how it plays currently, but would be lying if I didn't say I was a tad bit disappointed too.

bassturd3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Dead Space pretty much perfected a third person shooter control scheme (minus a cover system of course).

No reason to not learn from what is done well. I haven't played RE5 demo yet but there seems to be a lot of people whining about the controls. Personally I rarely get frustrated with control setups but it is easy to identify when a game does something to near perfection. Dead Space pretty damn near perfection throughout if you ask me.

However, I agree that change isn't always good (or needed at least). I personally loved the original Resident Evils with a fixed camera. Things change tho. Oh well. Can't live in the past forever.

Sarcasm3579d ago

It's funny stuff.

Killzone 2
- Only Pretty graphics
- Doesn't reinvent FPSs

Resident Evil 5
+ Pretty graphics!
+ Carbon Copy of RE4

Oh the biased media how I hate thee.

barom3579d ago

I started playing RE4 again the other day (got PS2 version was 10$ so I figured I try the Ada missions) and it was still a lot of fun. The pace in RE4 is so perfectly laid up that hours passed by without me noticing. It was truly a remarkable game, even if the controls do feel a bit outdated. I really hope that even if RE5 doesn't deliver with the controls (note: not tried RE5 yet), it delivers with the co-op and lots of really great scenarios like RE4 had (it was like once every half hour something really cool happened and you literally never was bored).

Do I wish RE5 had Dead Space control scheme, definitately as Dead Space nailed it in that aspect. Do I think it's necessary for me to enjoy the game? Probably not, I obviously still love RE4 so if RE5 can deliver in all the other departments that RE4 did. I might just get this.

Doppy3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

OMG, I was just talking about this a few days ago. I don''t think Resident Evil should be more like Dead Space (which was a great game), but it does need more scary like Dead Space. Resident Evil is going the way the movie went less scary more action which isn't bad, but it's losing a lot of that need for survival element that the originals had.

The best game in the survival horror genre is a hard choice, it use to be Resident Evil hands down, but the gameplay hasn't changed much since the PS1 days. Left 4 Dead amazing, Dead Space amazing, F.E.A.R. 2 demo amazing (1 scary part), Siren: Blood Curse amazing, Silent Hill Homecoming was decent (it got boring after a while rather than scary). Resident Evil has too much competition to rely on the good old times.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is probably the greatest example of what happens when you modernize a classic title, you get greatness. The original MGS series weren't my favorites they were fun to play, trying not to get caught, but the combat/controls weren't to my liking. However, this time around MGS4 has become my favorite game, and now that its more shooter like I have more fun when I do get in combat, and I also have a greater appreciation for the sneaking aspect of the game (you can die quick).

Resident Evil 5 will be a good game, and see as we don't know much about it besides the same old Africa clip, we can't say if its a Resident Evil 4 clone (but that seems very likely and isn't really a bad thing). However there are games in Resident Evil's genre that are doing more than Resident Evil 4 and better, and Resident Evil can't last that long with the same old gameplay, and no scares. They need to up the ante next go round or we may be looking at a new king of Survival Horror (my money's on Dead Space).

Capcom only went halfway with “RE5″’s new controls. You can run and “look” simultaneously, but not run and shoot (”Dead Space” did not make this mistake.” In “RE5,” you still need to stop, line up a shot, holster the gun and run away. Even though the enemies in the “RE5″ demo are slow moving, they come in great numbers and often sneak up behind you. The inability to run ‘n gun combined with a too-close camera that obscures enemies not right in front of you makes “RE5″ unnecessarily frustrating at times.

That paragraph says it all. It's so stupid that you have to stand still, pull the gun up, line up a shot, and shoot just to get a kill. I don't mind pulling the gun up for the shot that's fine, but the standing still is the dumbest thing ever. Who stands still to shoot at zombies? That's biggest gripe with Resident Evil the shooting aspect of the game. Fix that and add A LOT more scary in RE6 and you will keep you crown for now Capcom.

JsonHenry3578d ago

I am proud of Capcom for keeping the control scheme. Since the game has gone so far away from Survival horror it is about the only thing that creates suspense having to stand still and shoot.

This would have gone over a lot better I think if there was more "horror" and indoor tight spaces with a few less enemies on screen like the good old days.

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ActionBastard3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

After downloading and playing the demo (solo and co-op), I can say I'm still in love with the series. Would I have like to have liked seen more of an evolution than a refinement? Absolutely. But it is what it is. I will say that I am not a fan of using the 360 controller for this game. The LB and RB uses, for me, feel awkward. Awkward enough for me to not want to play it. I really feel Dualshock is a better controller for this game. Regardless, if it controls as well as I know it should on PS3, I will be buying this game. We'll find out next week.

trancefreak3579d ago

same i agree too it would make the game more fluid IMO with an updated control scheme.

dragunrising3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Funny how these editorials echo your own sentiment. Its almost like journalists pick up a few ideas from n4g :-p

On topic: Its hard to play RE5 and not wish Dead Space controls. Sad that Dead Space didn't sell as well as it should have.

Aclay3579d ago

I myself have never played Resident Evil because up until I played Dead Space, Survival Horror just wasn't my thing, but after playing Dead Space, I really can't even imagine playing another Survival Horror game without being able to move and shoot at the same time.

Some may argue that being able to shoot and move at the same time makes the game more of a 3rd person shooter, but to balance the game out, the only thing that needs to be done is restricting the amount of ammo in the game, and then RE5 will have that Survival Horror feel because you are always looking in every nook and cranny for ammo and weapons.

Heck, even Uncharted Drakes Fortune has a "Survival" feel to it even though you can move and shoot because Ammo in the game is relatively scarce and most guns in the game don't have a large ammo capacity.

Kojima Productions pulled Metal Gear Solid 4 into the 21st Century by allowing Snake to move and shoot at the same time because in previous MGS games, you had to stop and lineup your shots and I have to admit that for me it got a little frustrating at times, but ONLY when fighting a Boss Battle, but I got used to it. And after playing MGS4, I can't even imagine playing MGS4 with MGS3/MGS2 controls because being able to move and shoot just makes the gameplay feel more smooth.

I'm pretty sure that fans of the RE franchise won't mind the "stop and shoot" mechanic, but eventually I think some games need to evolve to meet the criteria that other games have set. The Metal Gear Solid franchise evolved by implementing shooting and moving at the same time in MGS4, and I think RE5 should as well, but that's just my opinion.

disrupt3r3578d ago

well said, i agree :) have a bubble.

somekindofmike3578d ago

I agree with what you say overall, however...

I feel it is too late in the day for RE5 to have a shoot and move control scheme introduced as the whole game has been built around the restrictions of stop and shoot. throwing movement into the equation will thrown off the difficulty and balance of the games battles.

It's not impossible, but they should of sorted the controls out at the beginning of production and then built the game around the restrictions of the new controls, i.e. slow steps while shooting would of been perfect to keep the game away from traditional 3rd person shooters run & gun style play.

OGharryjoysticks3579d ago

I wasn't one of the excited fans waiting for this RE game. I'm actually expecting a very so-so game that gets hyped up because it has a powerful gaming history and it's on multiple consoles so giving it lots of attention doesn't leave many gamers on the outside looking in.

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