Neocrisis: Mouse/Keyboard Vs Controller Debate

Neocrisis: If you are a gamer then it's safe to say that at some point in your life you have no doubt had a argument or conversation about which is better. Mouse and Keyboard or Controllers? Well I am here to lay this debate to rest.

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sonicrules3492d ago

keyboard/mouse for FPS
controller for RPGs

Reibooi3492d ago

Personally the only games I cannot play with a controller are RTS games. No matter how good they get the controls down on controller there is just something about the mouse.

Wonder how Halo Wars will work out.

sonicrules3492d ago

good point
i do not get how ppl played starcraft 64 lol

Mikea3492d ago

I prefer keyboard all the way... I only use controllers to play Pro Evolution Soccer.. :p

sonicrules3492d ago

i think there will be 50% on one k/m and 50% on controller

cayal3492d ago

I got no idea how you guys use the keyboard so well. I am completely retarded using it.

lord_of_balrogs3492d ago

Controller: FPS and RPG

I can't stand K/M for shooters, sure it's more accurate but it's really not fun.

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