FUEL - 7 New Screens

Here are another 7 new screens from FUEL.

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TaylorFlatt3524d ago

Wow, those are some wicked pics

NaiNaiNai3524d ago

looking good, cant wait to play it, gona be cool to have a tornado while your racing.

San Frandisco3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

looks like [email protected] so far to me.. but thats in early stages i believe.
imho it looks exactly like a Motorstorm rip off or copycat..
regardless of the final outcome of this game i HIGHLY doubt it will beat the soundtrack and vibe from Motorstorm 1 and pacific rift.

panasonic233524d ago

look like somebody is mad.

Why dis3524d ago

Been looking at this game before I even heard of MotorStorm.

It was put on hold for years the title's old name is Grand Raid Offroad.

I think I was waiting for this before the PS3 even launched.

free2game3653524d ago

Motorstorm is a track based racing game, this is an psuedo open ended one. Motorstorm didn't exactly invent the outdoor racing genre either.

SalvatoreLeone3524d ago

its way better than motorstorm

NaiNaiNai3524d ago

so you played this then, must be nice
GTFO we don't need fanboys here.

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