22 Most Useful Free Applications for your PC

Use your Computer, Not your Wallet

The recession is hitting everyone hard and money is tight. That doesn't mean that can't get the most out of your computer. There are so many great free applications that can help you do just about anything. VitaminCM is going to take a look at 22 applications that they use all the time with wonderful results.

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Sangria3606d ago

What difference between using µTorrent and BitTorrent?
(i've always used BitTorrent and it never failed me)

pippoppow3606d ago

Different user interface, just depends on preference. Kind of like how Morpheus and Kazaa are similar.

dylz3606d ago

utorrent is faster and doesn't drag your cpu down as much because of how small the client is not a huge difference. this article was pretty useless

TheIneffableBob3606d ago

The "BitTorrent" client is basically a rebadged uTorrent. I prefer uTorrent since it has more community support and isn't tied to major network corporations.

duplissi3606d ago

yep, i use and love at least one out of each catagory
and so should everyone.

dragunrising3606d ago

Top 2:

1. Firefox
2. Open Office

Superted20073606d ago

Peerguardian - stops big brother watching what illegal stuff I download
7Zip - Just sheer handyness
Avast! - just as gud as 50 euro nortan

arsenal553606d ago

i just found digsby and wow it OWNS AOL instant messenger