2009 the Year of the PS3? That Is the Question

A standalone Blu-ray player's drop in price, does the PlayStation 3 have the ability to survive on its own merit?

What is that sound, that growing murmur and grumbling? Yep, once again it is the media masses questioning the price structure of the Sony flagship device.

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Gue13582d ago

What with all these people utilizing the same damn tittle so many times? Nobody on the planet can predict the future if you didn't know so, lets see first how the PS3 does in 2009 and then argue about if it was or not the year of the PS3. =|

creeping judas3582d ago

1 XBOX is doomed article
followed by
2 PS3 is doomed articles

will they ever stop???

LightningPS3PS33582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Sony still hasn't responded. I thought this was a console war, someone makes a move and then it's the others turn.

Right now it's no war, it's all XBOX 360.

It's like someone hits your mother and you just do nothing. That's not how wars work. And that's what Sony's doing right now.

These console are bought by gamers, and it's a generation of multi games, and that's not gonna change.

The only way PS3 is competing in 2009, is with a major price cut to match the 360's.

PirateThom3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

A war is a series of battles.

All 360 did was win a battle by those price cuts.

A lot of people seem to forget the PS3 was slapping the 360 around right up until the last 3 months when the price cut happened, and it was ALWAYS more expensive.

LightningPS3PS33582d ago

"Wi-Fi connectivity, Blu-ray playback"

Please, the PS3 is going no where as a multi media devise. The demand so far has been for "GAMES", and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

If Sony is waiting for people to start demanding WiFi, so they can connect online wirelessly, that's stupid. Even blu ray probably won't be common place till 5 years from now, that's if it ever is.

So far "gamers" are saying, "I'm buying my game console for games." And the choice is pretty obvious since XBOX 360 carries pretty much every third party game developed and so far has had very strong exclusives or timed exclusives like Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Dead Rising. XBOX 360 simply carries every major game with the exception of some Sony first party titles.

They don't give a rats ass about DVD playback or if they need to use a wire to connect to the internet, they wanna play "GAMES", that's why they are in the market for a "GAME" console.

And I have to admit, PS3's 2009 lineup is looking better than XBOX 360's, but how many of these games will be delayed? What new XBOX 360 titles will be announced? I mean look at Left 4 Dead. Nobody was really talking about that game, and then it ends us selling more than Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet.

I think PS3 just needs all their big first party games, God of War 3, Gran Turimo 5, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2, Infamous, Quantum Theory, and even the fantasy ones aka... Rockstars Exlusives, Team Ico 3, Twisted Metal black PS3, TOP SECRET WEAPON GAME....

They need it all and a major price cut, to really put an assault on the XBOX 360. In other words, they need a miracle.

Prototype3582d ago

I'd have to slightly disagree on the 360 statement. When I had the 360 yes it had games however I did not like how I had to pay excessive amounts to play games I could download as a ROM file for free; or pull out my Sega/SNES.

Nintendo sales consoles yet 3/4 of their games are either garbage or don't sell well unless its linked to Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing. Xbox 360 also talks about sales yet they never figure in repeat buyers. Sony may be the lowest in sales, however I give them credit because they are supporting the PS2 and PSP at the same time, and a lot of people argue "oh the PS2 is bringing in revenue to compensate for the PS3 loss" which may be true; however Sony knows not everyone can afford the PS3 at the time and instead of just dropping everyone they want to at least provide support and time until everyone can get the PS3.

jammy_703582d ago

stuff the price, the sales and look at the games, what the gamers will benefit for, not the companies, thats when you will see that ps3 has a cracking year ahead
well your year aint so bad you got halo and errmmm.......

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SupaPlaya3582d ago

And it is a darn good year to stop these meaningless articles.
Year of this, Year of that...

Bring us more real game news intead... PLEASE
Write some meaningful articles and stories about GAMES, then hits will come.

Gamers should unite and boycott sites that write these articles.

Prototype3582d ago

We need a "Year of 0 fanboy articles"

Seriously a lot of people post this garbage to either to start some crap or because they are that insecure about what they bought.