House defeats bill to delay digital TV transition

AP News wrote: "Bucking the Obama administration, House Republicans on Wednesday defeated a bill to postpone the upcoming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting to June 12 - leaving the current Feb. 17 deadline intact for now."

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Lombax3462d ago

With millions of standard TVs out there, advertisers will be missing out on a huge market. People that watch free over the air TV aren't the type to go out and buy more things just to watch 3 channels.

I usually never watch TV, so I don't have cable, but every now and again I find myself watching an old episode of the Simpsons on fox. I wouldn't be seeing the commercials any more if all I had was a SDTV.

drpepper61213462d ago

The government is offering two discount coupons for digital converter boxes, so you can keep your old sd tv and not have to get cable.

poindat3462d ago

Progress does not wait for everyone. Better that we move along than not, and like drpepper said, you can get a discount on a converter box.

It really isn't much of an investment. If you can afford to buy games, you can afford a DTV converter box.

UnwanteDreamz3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Wow you never read the article did you? Says in black and white that the gov ran out of coupons and millions are still requesting them. They said in the article that you didnt read the coupon plan is out of funds.

@ poitdat

You know I am sure this is news to you but there are millions of people who do not game.....I know its crazy to me too. Also worth mentioning are the older less tech savy consumers who watch a ton of network TV. It's ok I expect the stations will miss those who are not able to switch when it comes to advertising dollars.

ThatArtGuy3462d ago

people that haven't prepared now will be the same people that probably won't be ready in June either. They've been advertising it for two years already. My father-in-law is Canadian and still knows about this turnover happening.

poindat3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I was only using games as an example, as a converter box doesn't really cost that much more than one. Why on earth would not gaming affect anyone's ability to purchase a converter box?

And they really aren't difficult to set up. Even people who aren't tech savvy should be able to do it. If they can't for some reason, it really isn't that hard to find some help.

dinkeldinkse3462d ago

I didn't mean to disagree with you ThatArtGuy, I'll give you a bubble.

drpepper61213462d ago

They are still sending out new coupons as older coupons are not being redeem within the 90 day limit, there is a waiting list, but you can still get the coupons.

FarEastOrient3462d ago

The box only cost $20, your argument isn't valid since this is the same customer base that would spend a lot or close to excess on food, cellphones, iPods, laptops, and the very TVs you are talking about.

LONEWOLF2313462d ago

Hey it their own fault for being caught with their pants down.
The WHOLE DTV transition had been known for a little more than a year and a half give or take. We ordered our coupons in the beginning of 2008 and we got them around July. Many people procrastinate too damn much.

Saigon3462d ago

in a few months it will be the same amount of people...

Lombax3461d ago

or spend more than 30 minutes trying to apply for a coupon, I'm not getting one. I already have to buy one for my mother. So buying another one, just to watch (maybe) an hour or two a week, is completely out of the question.

#2) We are talking about USA citizens. You honestly think over 75% of them will be ready? 25% or more, is a lot of ad space. (commercials) If I was an advertiser, I would want as many people as possible to see my ads.

SaiyanFury3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

This is going to sound like the post I made about the other day. People will just procrastinate about getting converted until you force them to do it. Pushing back the date more and more will just give them more time to put off converting. The world is moving forward, people, not staying in the past.

AAACE53461d ago

Our economy is already in bad condition. It's so bad that people are calling in their unemployment and don't get checks cause there is no more money!

If they switch over and people don't have the boxes and can't afford new TV's, that will lower ratings and such, resulting in TV studios having to let go of workers as well!

This whole thing was messed up from the start, and whoever was in charge of planning should have been shown the door a long time ago.

SaiyanFury3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

People have known for over 5 years that this changeover was coming. They've had plenty of time to convert themselves. You can't blame the relatively recent economic troubles on them not changing over. It's the simple case of people not converting simply because they didn't have to before. People often put things like this off until it's a complete necessity. Now that it's about to hit them in the face everyone's raising a big brew-ha about it. The fact is they had time and the opportunity before the economic crisis hit to convert, but they procrastinated. Now, it's too bad. Putting it off will bite those people who didn't convert in the ass. Those of us who did, will enjoy it in the near future. It's not expensive to convert but peoples' nature to put things off until it's necessary will bite them this time. It's unfortunate that this is occurring during an economic downturn, but it's happening and the country is moving forward. It's not the government's fault those people didn't adopt in the 5 years they were given.

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Mc1873462d ago

The sooner we progress the better.

cLiCK_sLiCK93462d ago

I know the difference between digital and analog, but what are the benefits switching to digital only? Why cant they just keep both?

BananaSlug3462d ago

you understand the difference but cannot see the advantages?

wallace10003462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

In a nut shell analog takes up a lot more space than digital and space is actually running out. Going all digital frees up space and will allow for the delivery of more services. Also, analog is taking up so much space that in some areas there isn't space for addition digital content because analog is clogging up the spectrum.

claney3462d ago

also with a digital signal, you either get a perfect picture or no picture at all so its either on/off, with analog you get fuzzy signals and bits of picture until its pefectly tuned then sometimes you cant get a perfect picture anyways :)

AAACE53461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Having an all digital connection could benefit other components as well, possibly creating better connections for cellphones, wi-fi and other components.

Also, if you don't have cable of sat. you may be able to pull in more channels from other areas.

In so many words, it opens more doors for us.

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Sibs3462d ago

Thank god, finally the US gets to progress...

It passed unanimously in the Senate so I thought our antiquity was guaranteed... I am happily surprised :D

typikal823462d ago

What's real news doing on here!?

JokesOnYou3462d ago

but on n4g only flamebait is worth talking about.


dinkeldinkse3462d ago

90 percent of the time I logged in there is a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 is finished article. I would get on more if there was actual news the majority of time.

Theoneneo813462d ago

this is actaully tech news wich is part of this site too and probally one of the bigest tech news probally in the last few years.

Lumbo3462d ago

The lord be praised, someone is still sane over there.

GIJeff3462d ago

Obadiah just got 600 MILLION more US dollars approved for more coupons...

BTW I'm going to start calling Obama Obadiah since that's what spell check tells me.

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