New 360 bundle "Best of Halo Edition" for Europe

Available on February 27, the same day as Halo Wars, the bundle will consist of a Xbox 360 60GB Console, a wireless controller, Wired headset and a copy of Halo 3 and Halo Wars.Priced at 2795 Krona (~260 Euro)

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Cajun Chicken3309d ago

Nice and clever bundle. If just for Halo3 for the majority.

militant073309d ago

agreed 2 halo in one bundle is really clever

chaosatom3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Why include Halo 3 then if everyone has a copy??
It's still a nice bundle tho.

edit: falviousuk - "You think this might be aimed at people who are in the market to buy an xbox "
Answer me this: why would they buy an Xbox 360 now for a Halo game + another halo game, if they didn't buy the 360 first time when halo 3 came out??

They can't all of a sudden get interested in Halo 3 if it didn't interest them in the first place.

The price of Arcade 360 is cheap enough, so won't people buy that.

JokesOnYou3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

damm, thats a fkning sweet bundle. oh so now the haters(cmrbe) say offering a bundle shows a lack of confidence in Halo Wars...hmmm wonder if the same logic applies to all of the ps3 bundle games?


FarEastOrient3309d ago

Milk it baby, if it comes with the Jasper chipset I'll step in line to get yet please don't come with E78!

xwabbit3309d ago

I wish Sony was this smart when it came to smart marketing

Danja3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

that's a good deal right there if you like Halo....

seems to me though that M$ isn't confident in Halo all

@Jokes On damn well this is the reason for the bundle...lack of confidence.....

How many PS3 bundles are there..Sony normally wait awhile after the game comes out b4....bundling..

Blademask3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Who is this for?
Because anyone convinced to buy KZ2 is one of the following people:

1. PS3 Owners
2. Future PS3 Owners(Playstation2 Owners/Wii Owners/Xbox 360 Owners)

The only reason 17 million folks bought a PS3 is for the games & the features. Bluray/Wifi/Bluetooth/Mediaser ver/Free Online. Its hard to imagine that person who hasn't purchased a $199 Arcade 360, yet apparently Loves halo, and is Very interested in KZ2? That doesn't seem realistic at all? The 360 has always been cheaper to buy, so why would this bundle spur you to buy one, over a PS3/Killzone2. Since the 360 right now, is already cheaper?

Its as if its saying someone is just sitting there watching tv and sees KZ2, but then goes "well that looks GREAT I want to buy it, although. Some how i've missed halo3/2 since 2007-5 all this time, and now I'll buy that instead of Kz2 & a PS3 Because the Halo bundle comes with a wired headset..and i've missed out on the 360 being $ well.." As if that person doesn't care what they are playing, just that they are looking at the pricepoint, and this person hasn't bought a cheap 360 all this time?

A cheap bundle of a console thats inherently cheaper is whats boggling my mind right now. Any takers?

I see the dates have soemthing to do with KZ2, but I dont see the Halo bundle being related to KZ2.. Seems like if you Love Halo3, you aren't exactly going to be in the market for a 400 dollar BLuray Playin Killzone2 console? Because.. Halo3 is on the cheapest system? I highly doubt the consumer in this recession looking for Halo3 is going to be holding out for this bundle, when they can already get an amazing deal. And that same consumer, is not the KZ2 consumer.

I want to meet the person who is about to buy KZ2 & a PS3, then sees a 360 bundle with a Halo RTS game & old Halo games and buys that instead. You're buying KZ2 for a reason, because you want to play the game, and because you've seen KZ2, not because you are a confused elderly woman who thinks shes buying a 'nintendo gamestation'. But because you honestly have genuine interest in KZ2, thats thrown out of the window for Halo(and again, this person has missed out on halo some how for the past 2 years)

falviousuk3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

[dumb quote 1]
1.2 - But don't 8 million or more people already have halo 3?
Why include Halo 3 then if everyone has a copy??

It's still a nice bundle tho.
[/dumb quote]

Probably because those 8 million people allready own an xbox, so they dont need to buy this bundle.
You think this might be aimed at people who are in the market to buy an xbox that dont allready own one and this will be a nice incentive.

[Dumb quote 2]
1.6 -
that's a good deal right there if you like Halo....

seems to me though that M$ isn't confident in Halo all
[/dumb quote]

So obviously the fact that SONY bringing out a Killzone 2 bundle in europe must then mean, by your logic, that they have no confidence in that game whatsoever.

Blademask3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

read that wrong.

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PotNoodle3309d ago

So they're exploiting halo 3's sucess to get extra sales on an RTS that usually wouldn't sell huge numbers, especially on a console?

Smart move!

TheMART3309d ago

If someone wanted Halo 3, they bought it for their 360 or if someone without a 360 wants to play Halo 3, he will buy the 360 with Halo 3.

And for those that would buy this bundle mostly for Halo 3 and to play some Halo Wars with it, I don't see whats wrong with that. Untill now RTS on a console didn't work really great because they were PC ports, with controls not made optimal for the console controllers.

So people don't know how great a RTS can be on a console. Halo Wars changes that. The first RTS game made with the controller in mind, made for a console.

Either way: MS knows how to market their hard- and software. Sony should watch and learn.

ZombieNinjaPanda3309d ago

Mart: Wasn't Endwar the first Rts made with a controller in mind?

Just a question.

Obama3309d ago

RTS on consoles suck, unless u can use a mouse and keyboard.

Helghast Slayer3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

Wow can you imagine how much money their gonna loose on each of this bundles sold? Hahaha M$ is scared sh!tless that they are releasing a halo3 bundle on the 27th of Feb the same day as killzone2. They don't want Sony stealing potential 360 FPS nut jobs so they retaliate with this weak 2007 bundle. The desperation is quite pathetic.

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Beg For Mercy3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

MS credit they sure know how awsome killzone 2 is they are tryin to counter it with everything im expecting a hooker bundle announcement soon.

EDIT- @ hac hunter man i totally agree i have never seen a company release more stuff in the same month in my life i think they have the review build of killzone2 themselves and realise that this game is gonna do MASSIVE DAMAGE so they wanna make sure they throw everything they can to grab some attention but i dont think its gonna work at all though too many people want killzone 2.

hac-hunter3309d ago

lol with how awesome Killzone 2 is, I'm surprised MSFT doesn't offer a Gears 1, Gears 2, Forza 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 2, Too Human, Mass Effect, Lost Planet, and Dead Rising bundle just to try to counter Killzone 2's release.

ASSASSYN 36o3309d ago

Where does it say MS gives a crap about your little killzone?

pippoppow3309d ago

It's bordering on pathetic at how MS is trying to soften the impact of KZ2. This isn't just a coincidence and just solely a smart marketing move to attract new owners. As more 9-10 reviews come in expect some more "coincidences" to occur.

Tiberium3308d ago

I really wish killzone 2 was that good. With a bundle like that I would be set for a year.

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lelo3309d ago

Yep ... Nice bundle indeed