Game Positive: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Preview

The original F.E.A.R. wowed gamers with intelligent AI, intense gunfights and destructible environments. In Project Origin, Monolith hopes to enhance what they got right before while extending the excellent storyline into its next chapter. Based on the recently released demo, the developers are well on their way to success.

One of the criticisms that F.E.A.R. faced was a lack of variety in its environments. Within the first ten minutes of gameplay, it is clear that this issue has been remedied. Brightness does not exactly ooze out of every orifice of the world, but there are enough touches of color here and there to make the experience seem more real. Whether this sense of freshness comes from small touches such as lockers and doors, or large explosions that light up the space around you, there is just enough eye candy to be interesting. But not to worry, the color does not overwhelm the horror movie-inspired atmosphere that has made this series so popular.

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himdeel3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

...but the controls seemed a bit loose but hey it is just a demo. I did play the demo on hard to try and prolong the experience which I often do on most demos just for the hell of it.

I enjoyed the mood of the demo. It's pretty dark and eerie which I understand is pretty standard for FEAR franchise (I didn't have the opportunity to play the first game). I have to admit that it was much more spookier than I anticipated which made the demo that much more engaging.

I got stuck on the sequence in the alley as it took me a while to spot the second sniper so he was laying me out with constant head shots. Once I was able to locate him I was able to dispatch him quickly and without issue. The enemy AI was competent but locating the enemies on screen was tougher than actually taking them down. I didn't use the slow down as much as I could have but when I did use it I still felt like the controls were a bit too lose to give me the precision I was looking for. I also didn't take advantage of cover as much because I still felt overly exposed when I did use the option to knock over a plant or open a car door.

The robot walker was cool and it took me a bit longer to get my aiming together as it was a smidge different from handling the guns, or at least I felt so. Nevertheless this was the easy the most exciting portion of the demo for me.

I cannot comment much on graphics other than mentioning that they are decent to look at and definitely has it's own look and appeal. It was pretty clean overall and works well for this type of game. Overall the demo is decent but I need to spend more time getting use to the feel of the controls to feel more bad ass while playing.

NaiNaiNai3491d ago

after playing the game myself *in HD 1080p* i have to say, the game looks better then any other shooter out. *keyword out, KZ2 still wins*
the game plays great, takes a second to get used to the controls. but other then that i had no other grips.