Possible Battlefield 3 Release in 2009

While very few details surrounding Battlefield 3 have been officially announced, there are now rumors that a 2009 release for the title could be the works. IGN has speculated in their 2009 Preview that DICE is working to release the Battlefield 2 sequel sometime this year.

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DavidMacDougall3282d ago

Bring it on!!! Was trying to play BF2 but Punkbuster keeps kicking me

mfwahwah3281d ago

Gah! I know what you mean! I quit playing BF2 because of that. It took me hours to fix it and then the next day it started all over again. So frustrating!

ASSASSYN 36o3282d ago

Screw EAs' battlefield...operation flashpoint is coming in a few months. Thats the real battlefield game.

mfwahwah3281d ago

What, you just an EA hater or something? Try playing BF2 then tell me this load of crock.

lelo3282d ago

OH YES ... more PC love.

And BF3 oficially became my 2nd most expected game this year... after Diablo 3.

MmaFanQc3282d ago

Great Battlefield 2 was my main online game for 2 year

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The story is too old to be commented.
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