Analyst: WoW Made Up Half of Acti-Blizz Earnings

Blizzard's subscription-based World of Warcraft business made up about half of Activision Blizzard's earnings for fiscal 2009, one analyst estimated on Wednesday.

Arvind Bhatia with Stern Agee said in a Wednesday research note that he expects WoW subscriptions amounted to earnings per share of about 30 cents out of a total 60 cents, or around $400 million total, in the fiscal year ended in December.

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Endorphin3335d ago

These guys must be using money as toilet paper, COD and WOW under one roof.

ktchong3335d ago

Plus StarCraft and Diablo.

StarCraft II and Diablo III are coming in the near future.

If you haven't already, consider buying stocks in Acti-Blizz.

INehalemEXI3335d ago

They might could rival Tabacco one day.

LeGenDx3335d ago

to work at blizzard or google.

Mutley4163335d ago

WOW is the best online game period, and they maintain and keep there standards high-

The game is outstanding, and it could go on for another decade-
I`m going to buy some WOW swag with my Tax money...
A wow lighter with Mana bottle refil, or some Mana drink!!!
Or a Sword!!!...Lmao im sucha geekkk

Not happy, playing online, any twink knows WOW is the place to be-

I think(I don`t now for sure) WOW & Guitar Hero are the Major reasons, Video games beat the Movies last year in revenue-

Panthers3335d ago

Only half? I would have thought 99.9%

I mean over 11 million accounts each paying monthly? I dont even know how much it is but if it is like $20 then that is $220 Mil A MONTH!

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