GCHD: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Preview

GCHD Writes "Wanted has garnered a huge following since its debut in 2003. After the film's release in 2008, the series is back in the spot light, and has followers clamoring for the upcoming video game adaptation. Taking into consideration the bad rap movie and comic based games have received industry wide, one can only hope that its style and originality will help Wanted: Weapons of Fate separate itself from the pack. Fans can look forward to curving bullets and assassinating targets as the game release date of March 24th, 2009 draws closer."

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Spike473461d ago

and the games's trailer looked pretty good.

NedBraden3461d ago

Yeah, I actually think this might be a good game, if only for GRIN developing it. I didn't see the movie yet, though. Can anyone recommend it? Is it cheesy, or actually cool?

lamplight3461d ago

The movie was a little better than average, you should definitely see it if you are interested in the game. Might help a little. I'm more interested to see the "bullet curve" technique and how it works exactly. Also, the first picture in the article is pretty the outfit!