Are Xbox 360 Exclusives Enough to Save the System?

Turning around the previous "Are PS3 Exclusives Enough to Save the System?" question and pointing at the Xbox 360; does the console have enough quality exclusives to keep the system ahead of the PS3 in 2009?

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OO73485d ago

To Top My Bond Game from last year

Uneducated Loser3485d ago

Save? SAVE?? SAVE??!?!?!?!

bwhahahahaaaa, the PS3rd can't outsell it. Fvck worrying about saving it. It's kicking a$$.

GiantEnemyLobster3485d ago

what on earth does the 360 need saving from? I believe the title should say "are ps3 exclusives enough to save the system?" and the answer is: nope.

Spike473485d ago

only games like Halo and Gears provide a simple boost.

SiLeNt KNighT3485d ago

short answer NO.

and short question...What exclusives?

dalibor3485d ago

Sorry but iam a ps3 fan that wants to play dead rising and gears of war 2. There i said it. And for all you xbox fans out there wouldn't you want to play motorstorm:pr or killzone 2?

Silellak3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

No, price is not the only thing keeping the 360 ahead.

While the 360 could obviously use more exclusives, it does not need them as much as the PS3 does.

Why? Because, as sales have shown, the 360 is dominating the multiplatform releases. This means two things:

1. Software companies will continue to release games for the 360 as long as it's profitable.
2. People will continue to buy the 360 because a large number of games are available for both it and the PS3.

Many people also buy the 360 simply because more people HAVE a 360. It's sort of a snow-balling effect: your friend has one, and likes it, so you want one too. Not only that, but you can play games with them online. I know many people who owned PS2's last generation, but not XBoxes, who now have 360's. I'm one of them, in fact. It's an entirely different ballgame this generation, mostly because of Microsoft's head start and a solid line-up of games. Many of which are multiplatform, sure - but what does it matter, as long as they are great games?

Like it or not, exclusives are far more important to the PS3 than the 360. Until the PS3 has a solid line-up of exclusive games that justify the price tag, people will continue to see the 360 as a cheaper alternative that has most of the same games anyway. Because that's exactly what it is. And in that regard, you are right - price is a major factor.

But it's not the only factor. There is no sign that software companies will abandon the 360 any time soon, and as long as they support it, it's not going anywhere.

3485d ago
docsavage3485d ago

I think you are exactly right here. That's cool though, buy them both and get the best of both worlds.

bigc0720043485d ago

360 line up:
Mass Effect 2,Alan Wake,Darkest of Days,The Crossing,Halo: Chronicles,Warhound,Divinity 2: Ego Dragonis,Halo 3: Recon,Splinter Cell V: Conviction,Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope,Dungeon Hero,Venetica,Kingdom Under Fire 2: Dominion,Precursors,Dead Island,Ninja Blade,N32 (Ninety-Nine Nights 2),APB (All Points Bulletin),Huxley,Halo Wars,Postal III,Salvation,Cry On,
Severity,Theseis,White Gold,2 days to Vegas,Project Forza 3....PLUS bioshock 2(better on 360 just like the first), PGR5, Too Human 2, silicon knights, KOTOR MMO...i used to have a ps3 but sold it last november because i was tired of garbage ass service...every game got changed to multi plat and those who stayed exclusive were delayed until 2026...KZ2 will be another haze and lair...nothing but good looking graphics...which i thought when 360 fanboys said "360 has better graphix"...ps3 fanboys responded by saying "its not about graphix its about gameplay"...yet all you annoying fanboys keep saying NOW "KZ2 is the BEST LOOKING game EVER and best gameplay"...yet the beta isnt the finished product....they said they were gonna fix socoms laggy horrible servers...never with all that said and my personal PSN experience...XBL>PSN and 360>PS3

yz2503485d ago

you're REALLY bad at trolling. bundling their exclusive games is the only way sony can get a "simple boost," even then it only lasts for one month! get out ps3 troll, and take the other stinking trolls with you.

Blademask3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Did I really just see "TOO HUMAN 2" & 2 days 2 vegas padding the list? And Multipaltform games like Alan Wake/Huxley/Warhounds? I'm amazed by the # of games no one has heard of, nor does google even find any recent information for since 2005. Yes, those are all amazing reasons to own a PC,PS3, or 360.

360 fanboys define "grasping at straws"...

360 doesn't need saving. No console does. Its the place for cheap multiplatform gaming. Nothing wrong with that! For actual exclusives you can only play on a pS3, well. Theres the PS3. No one is forcing anyone to buy either, but for second to none games like MGS4/Uncharted/Motorstorm2/God OfWar/Killzone2/GranTurismo/Wa r hawk/Siren/Resistance/HeavyRai n /Infamous/MLB well, theres only 1 place on a playstation.

LONEWOLF2313485d ago

Alan Wake is NOT multi platform!

PC run on windows and Windows belongs to Microsoft.
MICROSOFT systems exclusive! Do you see this game being released on Mac or Linux based PC??? No right so therefore its not multi-plat!

Anon19743485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

You didn't check it. 3/4 of those games don't have confirmed release dates, quite a few are also coming to PC so aren't exclusive and more than a handful have been confirmed cancelled.

Nice try though. "E" for effort.

Edit: Oh, and Silicon Knights isn't a game. It's a developer.

littletad3485d ago

The 360 isn't shy of exclusives, nor is it lacking any. It's the 2009, which still hasn't been revealed yet, lineup that is lacking in detail. But that's not enough to warrant the title. I see it as a really healthy system coming into this new year, as most if not all franchises are now multiplatform. Getting these franchises and developer support was more vital and crucial than exclusives alone. Yet they still managed to be the first platform for Mass Effect, Dead Rising, Gears, and even Bioshock.

Either way, we don't even know the whole 2009 lineup for Microsoft as opposed to Sony's more revealing schedule, so the article is dubious.

bigc0720043485d ago

i accidently deleted after silicon knights(PROJECT)...and yea there arent any confirmed release dates for some...but they are exclusive and whoever said alan wake is multiplatform should shoot themselves in the head....and really who said we were comparing exclusives between 360 and PC? the PC gaming world is a totally different world...we are talking ps3 vs 360 exclusives as in...NAME ANY GAME THATS ON 360 AND NOT ON PS3, and VICE VERSA! you sir have just epicly failed...and if you did research on stuff before you bashed it you would know half of those titles...but your just another i always not a fanboy im an ex ps360 owner who finally saw the light and converted to the better system...X360...with TONS more games, better online service...yea keep crying $43 for 13 months...if you can afford a $500 system and $60 a can damn sure pay for a better online service...and rarely do 360 games get delayed...

SAiOSiN3485d ago

most of the hardcore gamers haven't even heard of 98% of the games you listed. all most likely mediocre and some even multiplat. if your're gonna spew out nonsense and false information do it somewhere else.

duplissi3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"Wow bigc072004, that's quite a list ya got going there. Problem is...
You didn't check it. 3/4 of those games don't have confirmed release dates, quite a few are also coming to PC so aren't exclusive and more than a handful have been confirmed cancelled.

Nice try though. "E" for effort."

lmao darkride.

its amazing how blind, stupid, ignorant, stuborn, irrational, and outright annoying fanboys are.
damn dont be so stupid that you would resort to ifs,unknowns and maybes to prove a point that your console of choice is or has a better line up.
why do you care, why are you so insecure about your system?
just like the damn games and learn to appreciate ones you cant play

that goes for ALL gamers.

by the way ps3 rulz!!!!

just kidding

Danja3485d ago

some of those games u to being on the 360 because...

Dead Rising - 360 was 1st on the market
Bioshock --M$ paid 4 exclusivity & same with Mass Effect

Gears they had epic sign a contract....

but the 360 line up isn't looking good again for the 2nd year in row,,,,M$ needs to step up there game

RemmM3485d ago

Microsoft knows this. That is why they are throwing checks at Capcom, Square Enix and other companies that GAMERS know make great games. Final Fantasy 4 is an example. I'm very disppointed with this generation. Microsoft is obviously no competetion for the PS3 with just Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 and Mass Effect. So what do they do? Throw checks. I love the 360, but I have no respect for Micrsoft. They are pigs.

Sitdown3485d ago

you guys would retire the whole Microsoft buying everybody off assumption. And even if they did........I think I would prefer to have the system in which the company is spending money to bring games that I want to play. That was a played out argument that people have heard..and now use it like its a legit arguement.

So Microsoft benefited from being first to the market...and? But in reality, didn't Sony delay the ps3? it was Sony's fault they didn't get said titles.

Lifendz3485d ago

MS is making millions from people getting duped into paying to play games online when you don't pay on Wii, PS3, or PC.

Anon19743485d ago

Did you not see the list he posted? Too Human 2? For the love of god, think before you post. I'm a 360 owner, and a huge 360 fan, I'm just not an idiot and I don't go around posting lists of made up exclusives.

Mass Effect 2 - no release date - not confirmed exclusive
Darkest of Days - PC
The Crossing - PC, no release date
Warhound - PC, no release date
Divinity 2 - PC
Ego Dragonis - PC
Conviction - PC
Dungeon Hero - On the PS3
Venetica - PC, no release date
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - On the PS3
Precursors - PC
Dead Island - On the PS3
Huxley - PC
Postal III - On the PS3

You know, I'm not even going to discuss the rest. I think you get my point. That 360 exclusives list is pretty light on something...and that something is actual 360 exclusives.
As I said. I'm a 360 fan, love my 360 - my gamertag is on my profile, say hi sometime. That's doesn't mean that that list wasn't crap.

bigc0720043485d ago

and just because i like 360 100x more than ps3 NOW makes me a fanboy? wow you guys are half retarded...did you not read what i said? stop midway through the thing? look my PSN up...Al_caPWN89...ask a guy named AKSHOOTER47...he knows me...just because i came to the light unlike some people...doesn't make me a fanboy...and neither does defending my console of choice...just because those titles don't have release dates doesn't mean they won't come out this year...doesn't mean they will...all i said was they were coming to 360...and you guys are all like "ahh yea i havent heard of any of those games and they will end up on pc anyways ahh" get outta here....and yea i said too is coming out this some more research on it

deividpaulo3485d ago

gears of BUGS...auehauehaeu...giant worms, glasses rain, sounds like a DISNEY movie...

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thebudgetgamer3485d ago

Microsoft really hasn't shown anything yet. we will just have to wait for more announcements.


TheMART3485d ago

Uh... Save it from what exactly?

360 and PS3... The gap got more wide again in sales the latest months it seems that the PS3 needs to be saved from staying in 3rd place.

Spike473485d ago

it could possibly start to outsell the xbox360 in NA again thus adding to the beating the xbox360 is geting worldwide.