The 5 Worst Fads In Gaming

Amadeo Plaza of Gamer 2.0 writes:

"Not long ago, we took a look at some of the best trends that have made their way into recent game development practices. Among those included were instant co-op gameplay, the abolishment of medpacks and HUDs, and the new focus on simple gameplay. As with all good things, there are certainly an equal number of bad things. That said, we thought it would be appropriate to shift gears and take a look at five of the worst fads in gaming."

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Amadeo3460d ago

Although I REALLY hate the Badass fad, which has unfortunately lived on forever, the one that I think is just heinous and unforgivable is the notion of having to pay for content that is already on the disc. I don't know. I know it's essentially the same as DLC, but Jesus. You're really going to charge me to unlock content that's burned onto the disc? That's just wrong.

GWAVE3459d ago

The "Badass" and "Armageddon" fads are silly. Gamers wonder why video games are still considered toys yet they shower praise upon Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, and Niko Bellic as being pinnacles of character development. Heck, video game journalists do the same thing. They called GTA4 "on par with The Godfather" but when I actually sat down and played the game all I saw was a poor imitation of "Stomp the Yard" except instead of a dance-off you babysat Little Jacob and took him bowling.

techwizz3460d ago

I definitely agree with the list, and my biggest pet peeve is definitely the "incredible badass must save the entire world" scenario. It's "grand" sure, but look at film. When was the last really great film you saw in which the hero saved the entire world. Game stories need to be self contained to the hero's dilemmas. I'm tired of saving the world.

blueleopard3460d ago

Buying content that's pre-loaded on the disc = fail.

Good article

IzKyD13313459d ago

Buying content that SHOULD have originally been on the disc also = fail.

Coconutz9193459d ago

I honestly will NOT be purchasing Soul Calibur V in the future because of the absurd DLC (as well as other things).

I shutter thinking about Tekken 6... Please Namco! Don't fart on another good series!

poindat3459d ago

I don't mind playing as a badass. The feeling of power and control is rather satisfying.

However, paying for content that is already on the disc? What a scam. I don't see how anyone can get away with that. I understand regular DLC, the stuff that couldn't make the final cut due to time or money restraints that they can continue working on after the game has shipped... but paying for something that can and should be included in the finished game? Horrendous. Even worse when said game feels half complete without the DLC.

LoVeRSaMa3459d ago

The Nintendo Wii?

*Hides from everyone who just loves there wii!*

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The story is too old to be commented.