Dev: Godfather 2 Expands GTA4 Formula

A producer on the Godfather 2 video game told TGR why it will be different than similar titles like Grand Theft Auto 4.

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predator3161d ago

I like the idea that you can order people around...something that is missing from GTA games

cain1413161d ago

I'm pretty excited to see how this pans out. I love the movies...

Viewtiful3161d ago

This will have almost nothing to do with the movies. They're just using the name to sell a couple extra copies, and to slightly borrow the setting.

cain1413161d ago

yeah that's the sad part about it. They are bringing in almost the whole cast so it might get some of the feel of the movie...

predator3161d ago

apart from the man himself, Pacino

Viewtiful3161d ago

I think I may be crazy, but I kinda think this might be good.

James Abels3161d ago

I'ma eat some pizza and shoot people when i play this!

thegamereviews3161d ago

Sounds like it may be fun and RPG'ish, but hopefully not too much micromanagement will be needed.

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