Eat Lead Gameplay Videos

Dana Olson on writes: "Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is looking to be a pretty cool game that breaks down the fourth wall. With its Gears of War-ish cover system, I'm definitely looking forward to it. Not to mention, Will Arnett!

Here's some gameplay footage."

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Cajun Chicken3400d ago

This game is going to rock my world. This game is going to rock my world, this game is going to rock my world...say, did I mention the concept and humour behind this game is going to rock my world?

Cajun Chicken3400d ago

I'd just like to add this...

My prediction: This is going to be the 'Airplane!' of video games.

GrabthroatShinkicker3400d ago

Totally agree. That first video, especially, is hilarious. :)

Mc1873400d ago

But definetly a bargain bin buy.

Lombax3400d ago

But as far as gameplay and visuals... It, sadly, looks sub-par.