Pretty Russian girl shoots Russian scientist in these Singularity viral videos

Destructoid: "What do we have here? An organization trying to expose the Russian governments "web of lies"? A female assassin trying to kill someone on national television? Oh dear, what is the world coming to?

OK, fine. The secret's out -- it's just viral marketing (via MyMediaMusings) for the upcoming Activision title, Singularity. The game's narrative revolves around a top-secret Russian project that went down in the 1950s, and experiments with an element called "E99." The Raven-developed first-person shooter has player's bending time and using it as a weapon, which could actually be an interesting gameplay hook."

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a101k473458d ago

thats what i call pwnage lol

Nightblade3458d ago

I am kinda speechless lol... owned kind of comes to mind tho >_>