Euro fans get confrontational: SOCOM delayed to March?

Fans eagerly awaiting for SOCOM: Confrontation's already-delayed-as-it-is release in Europe next month may get burned even more. Now, reports are coming in that UK retailer GAME is sending out emails about a delay.

The emails from GAME were sent to customers who have already pre-ordered the SOCOM even as far back in 2008. And now, GAME's letting them know that the shipping date has been moved to March.

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molsen813431d ago

They're not missing much. Horrible game.

LarVanian3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Killzone 2 is coming out in less than a month, so who really cares about Socom?

EDIT: Bubble for PoSTedUP

PoSTedUP3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

uh socom fans maybe? : D

jamesrocks31473431d ago

might aswel get the game with the headset. F*CK ME this is the 6th time this game has been delayed let me explain

september (as it states in the article)
delayed til octoober
then november 28th (R2 realese date also)
january 16th 09
febuary 16th 09
now march!


ezcex3431d ago

wtf there should be no reason its delayed for so long

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The story is too old to be commented.