Mirror's Edge Exclusive (and free) Time Trial Map Available Tomorrow

Tom Farrer, Producer of Mirror's Edge writes:
Hi there, I'm Tom Farrer the Producer on Mirror's Edge and with the release of the free and exclusive PLAYSTATION 3 Time Trial map on the 29th looming ever closer, I thought I would share some of the thinking behind it.

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Alcohog3459d ago

You're crazy, Mirror's Edge is one of my favorite games of '08. The time trials are like crack.

Lombax3459d ago

Guess you think that game in your avatar is "Lame" too.

Geez... >.>

CheesePie3459d ago

Mirror's Edge is awsome! Good to see some ps3 exclusives too!

edwineverready3459d ago

Unlike fallout 3 dlc for xbox360