OXM: Metro 2033 Preview

OXM writes:

"Subway: a semi-nutritious alternative to fast food, or post-nuke Russian refuge? Metro 2033 lobbies for the latter, letting us play in an apocalypse where affordable footlong sandwiches are forgotten luxuries of a dead, Jared-less era. Twenty-two years after a worldwide nuclear catastrophe, Russian survivors have retreated to Moscow's tubes, forming a network of underground city-states. Breeds of psychically inclined supermutants roam the wastes above, and lucky you: you're one of the brave few able to venture back to the surface for supplies."

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GiantEnemyCrab3375d ago


Dark scenes with flashlight and sci-fi undertones: check

Linear/narrow corridor gameplay: check

Cheezy creature design that looks like satan had sex with a dog: check

If the title didn't say Metro 2033 I could of swore I was looking at another DOOM game.

Graphics looks decent(and that's being generous). Could be another multiplatform turd for 09.