Microsoft Blogger: Gimped PS3 Leading To Price Cut

Microsoft blogger Ozymandias offers his two cents on the gimped backwards compatibility for the PAL PLAYSTATION 3. He writes:

"Remember the PS3 price cut I predicted back in January? This is likely a step on that path. I believe the PS3 enabled backward compatibility by basically including PS2 silicon in the box. That hardware has likely been removed to reduce costs, and the PS3 is now moving toward software-emulated backward compatibility. Notice the new focus on firmware upgrades for enabling backcompat? ...All of which means the backcompat story is likely to be very similar between the PS3 and the 360 going forward."

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grifter0244313d ago

Yes I agree How is this even relevent???? I mean its like we havent heard this before.. Good job whoever let this pass.

THAMMER14313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Sony publicly criticized M$ for not making the 360 100% backward compatible and using software to do the emulation. Now Sony has released that they will be doing the same thing.

Foot sure dose not taste good dose it.

PS360PCROCKS4313d ago

Yea guys it's news and he's right

GaMr-4313d ago

Its business. Companies learn and grow off each other.

Microsoft: HDMI is pointless, 1080P is ridiculous, HD-Movie playback is not neccassary. Black consoles are stupid(I made that one up)lol

SONY: Backwards compatible is a big part of who we are.

True but at the same time is it worth sacrificing "Foward progress". I would rather steps forward than steps back honestly. They havent even released a list of how many old games are getting shafted soo why the fuss. Funny thing is it will probably be games that no one ever played but just cause their getting shafted they will become over night blockbuster hits. Im not gunna pout about this till I see a confirmed list of games that will clear.

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The story is too old to be commented.