Apple VP: iPhone Works by "Magic"

Vice President refuses to reveal iPhone's graphics chip provider, claiming it would "geekify" the product.

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yamamoto1143491d ago

You can't get anywhere in this society without nerds. Failing to pay homage to that is insulting to the company that designed the graphics chip, and extremely ungrateful.

Tempist3491d ago

Well, then I don't suggest you get an apple phone.

So what is this iPhone now?

It was 'the best iPod ever'
It was 'the best cellphone ever'
It's now 'the best game player ever'

If it's so great, then why does it's title / marketing keep changing every 6-9 months?

leper6413492d ago

Surely no phone is actually magic.

My iPhone can't even forward a text message.

Lombax3492d ago

You heard it here first folks.

Sony and Apple are in bed together and it's dead secksy.

dirigiblebill3492d ago

Sony and apple, sitting in a tree...

Heldrasil3492d ago

Can you provide a link to this information?

Heldrasil3491d ago 'bout no, I wont trust you...don't know you. How about some proof of this claim, we'd love to see it. If it's just your speculation I'd have to say that your wishful thinking doesn't add up to sh*t in a sock.

Lombax3491d ago

Ya, just wishful thinking.

Can't you just see those two companies being perfect together though? Imagine if the PSP2 developed by Apple and Sony...
Sorry what was I saying?

Lombax3487d ago

About rumors that Apple was indeed helping with the design of the PSP2? I think they were posted here on N4G too.

Bubs for the person that finds it. :D

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badkolo3492d ago

i junked my iphone when i realized i couldnt send picture messages.

lunaticpanda1013492d ago

they do now, its an app called MMS and its free.
You should've waited.

Huh3491d ago

wow so the iphone is powered by professor dumbledore

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The story is too old to be commented.